Riley Lopez

Riley Lopez

4 of the Best Weird Kids From Pop Culture Who Attend NYU

According to the media, NYU is a refuge for the misfits of the world. Many of the strangest characters from movies and TV gravitate to our community.

1 of 9 Straight Guys at NYU Tries Unicorn Frappe, Now Gay

One of the rare heterosexual males at New York University decided to taste his girlfriend’s Unicorn Frappuccino last Saturday afternoon.

NYU Professor Files Bullying Complaint Against Arrogant Student

After a freshman formed a groundless vendetta against him, a Writing the Essay professor recently filed a bullying report with University Services.

Mid-Life Crisis: Andy Hamilton Tattoos The Word “Splendid” On Forehead

NYU’s President, in an attempt to connect to the youths, decided to permanently tattoo his catchphrase on his forehead last Saturday.

NYU Wellness Center Overwhelmed by Amount of “Crazy” Students

In order to manage the overwhelming hordes of students who need treatment, NYU Wellness has begun outsourcing students to other NYC therapy services.

University Students Battle to Become NYU’s Alpha Gay

Though the battle has remained relatively passive-aggressive in the past, the gays have now taken up arms against each other in Washington Square Park