Rob LaMatic

Rob LaMatic

Culture of Outrageousity: Both Teams Keep Trying to Intrude in My Safe Space!

The fact that my safe space happens to be home plate is completely irrelevant; other players have NO RIGHT to raid MY safe space.

Every Otherkin Deserves Respect, Including Us Video Game Character-kins!

Culture of Outrageousity: My name is Super Mario of the Mushroom Kingdom, but the name that my cis parents forced upon me at birth was Maria Papagrant.

As a Blob of Semi-Conscious Ectoplasm, I DEMAND People Call Me By My Preferred Pronouns!

I refuse to stand idly by and watch my personhood be denied to me for one more day by the privileged majority of this country

Culture of Outrageousity: When Will My White Male Privilege Activate? I’ve Been a Hobo for Like 20 Years…

As a white straight man, I've been told I have no business trying to take handouts, since my entire life is one big handout.

A Victory for Feminism – My Friends and I Haven’t Feuded With Each Other for Eight Days

As of this morning at 3:42 a.m. my girlfriends and I have shattered all records of female camaraderie by not fighting with each other for eight full days!

Stop Trying to Take Away My Guns and Kill My Gains, Obama!

My name is Chad Braddington, a proud brother of Alpha Sigma Sigma, and for the last few weeks, I have been suffering the icy sting of brotrayal.