Robert Tapp

Robert Tapp

OSU Student Certain of Underwood Conspiracy

Bill Myers,  a freshman sports media major at OSU, claims to have witnessed a troubling scene outside of Gallagher-Iba Arena involving Mike Holder, Mike Boynton, and Pistol Pete. “I saw Holder meeting with Boynton and Pistol Pete outside of GIA a few weeks ago,” said freshman Bill Meyers, “I thought things were all good until […]

7 Ways to Avoid People at the Union

On any given day, there’re thousands of students walking through the Union, and some days they can all just f*ck right off. Here at The Black Sheep, we’ve compiled a list of clever ways to keep your personal space personal at what’s considered the largest student union in the world.   7.) Rock your headphones: […]

7 Kinds of OSU Students You’ll See at Padre Island

Spring break is just over the horizon, and Cowboys are gearing up for a week full of beer bongs, one-night-stands, and raging face. Cowboys tend to get silly away from Stilly, so we’ve decided to list a few of the many inebriated pokes you’ll find at Padre Island this spring break.Fanny Pack Chick: Everywhere you […]