Rodney Dobler

Rodney Dobler

5 Others UF Things You Wish You Could Drop this Drop Week

Drop/Add week shows that students don’t have to show up for class because any inconvenience is DROPPED. And classes aren’t the only things we want to ditch.

UF’s Declassified Syllabus Week Survival Guide

Take advantage of during your weeklong extended vacation! Follow this guide until your classes really start; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

How to Hustle Your Way into a Club West Seat During Finals Week

Here are methods to employ to get yourself that cherished lib west seat—they may not be particularly ethical, but sometimes boundaries have to be crossed.

#WEDON’TWANT’BAMA: Gators Cope with Defeat

Take solace Gators, we won’t be playing the CFB death star and we’ll probably win our bowl game. Never forget, we don’t want ‘Bama.

A Definitive Ranking of Gainesville’s Hottest Coffee

This is the time of the year when every student needs to constantly have a cup of coffee at hand, so we have ranked them for your java-purchasing pleasure.

6 Reasons to Be Thankful You Don’t Go to FSU

Thanksgiving is upon us! It’s time to prepare for the greatest rivalry game in the country and reflect on the six reasons we’re thankful we don’t go to FSU.

How the LSU Tigers Robbed the Florida Gators

The deck has been stacked against the Gators, but that won't matter when they come out swinging on Saturday and steal a win against the LSU Tigers.

The No Shave November Beard Game at UF

The No Shave November campaign has been a resounding success that became a cult phenomenon that UF students experience in the fall. Which beard are you?

5 of Gainesville’s “Healthiest” Fast Casual Restaurants

With fast casual restaurants taking the place of fast food in the hearts of millennials it’s time to rank the healthiness of the Gainesville options.

5 Changes McElwain Would Make If Elected President

Maybe the country would be better off with Mac Attack running the show. Here’s what could change with McElwain becoming our fearless leader.