Ryan Kim

Ryan Kim

Staff Writer

UC Santa Barbara
The Top 6 Standard Outfits of Faultlessly Stylish IV Men

Whether you're hanging up your bandwagon Patagonia in the closet for the summer, or you're refilling your bandwagon Hydro Flask for another day of sun, keep your eyes peeled for these impeccably dressed men.

HiWi Steals “Best Mediocre Asian Restaurant” Crown from Hana Kitchen

In a stunning upset, HiWi Tropical Fusion has officially usurped the title of “Best Mediocre Asian Restaurant” from its day-one competitor: Hana Kitchen.

Study Finds UCSB On Verge of Bare Foot Syndrome Outbreak

BFS develops during the critical juncture of transition from beachgoer to surfer and is correlated with overexposure to local IV ocean water.