Sam Ghuneim

Sam Ghuneim

6 Pets to Hide in Your Lodge Apartment While Your Roommate is Gone

Your parents probably don’t want to deal with an extra mouth to feed this summer. You’d probably be better off staying at school with your new friend.

Top 5 Ways to Normal-ize Your Sh*tty Hometown

If you’re feeling the hometown blues, then here are some ways to get over them. You’ll be feeling like Reggie in no time all the way from home.

A Guide to Choosing Which Milner Floor You Should Live On This Week

Because it can be hard to navigate the lib during finals, we here at The Black Sheep have put together the ultimate guide to each floor of Milner.

Starter Packs for Every Illinois State Student

Remember that meme that was hot like three years ago? Well, we’ve brought that back too, because who doesn’t love stereotypes?

7 Ways to Make Your ISU Professor Raise Your 63% to an A Before the Semester Ends

Cs get degrees, but As get less disappointment from your parents who are funding your education. Better boost that grade up before finals!

BREAKING: Monday Night Joe’s Bus Returns Redbirds to Wrong ISU

Last night, a Monday Night Joe’s bus that was supposed to return to Illinois State University took students to the wrong ISU.

10 of the Best Walk of Shame Routes Around ISU

Ever suffered through the horrendously awkward walk home after a night of slutting it up? Well, here's a guide for the best walk of shame routes at ISU!

QUIZ: Are You A REAL Redbird Or Just UIUC Trash?

If you ain't a Redbird, you a dead bird. Or maybe just UIUC trash. Take this quiz to find out where your true allegiances lie!

BREAKING: ISU Senior Attends Pub Wednesday, Doesn’t Post a Snapchat Story

ISU senior Tory Lake shocked Snapchat followers Wednesday evening when she did not constantly update her story while at Pub II.

7 Things You Fool Yourself Into Believing About ISU

As college students, we lie to ourselves a lot. So, here are some things we all fool ourselves into believing about our beloved ilstu.