Sam Hammer

Sam Hammer


5 Things That Gundy’s Luscious Mullet Does Better than Stoops’ Silly Hair

The time is here fellow Cowboys. Bedlam is upon us and that means rejoicing in all of the things Oklahoma State does better than Oklahoma. If we were to write about everything we do better, it would be WAY too long of an article. So, for your viewing pleasure, we shortened it to focus on […]

The 5 Saddest Places to Eat Thanksgiving Alone at OSU

The Black Sheep has put together a list on the places to avoid eating if you don’t want to look like Droopy the dog cutting an onion.

Stillwater Democrats Claim to Leave Town After Oklahoma Becomes a Red State

Stillwater resident and loud-and-proud Hillary supporter, Debra Cratz has attended every Democratic rally and Trump protest in Oklahoma.“I just don’t know anymore, man, how can someone who is in the WWE Hall of Fame get to be president. I mean, Hillary didn’t delete that many emails. What were they even about, anyway?” Debra queried.Democrats in […]

Top 7 Places to Fart at Oklahoma State

We’ve all been there. You’re on your way to class or you’re on that nervous first date at The Ranchers Club and it hits you: a heinie hiccup suddenly approaches your bowels. You hold it in desperately trying to find a place to let out the lethal concoction, your mind races as it cycles through […]

The Ghosts of Oklahoma State’s Past

There are terrifying rumors that pass through the bright orange grapevine known as the Oklahoma State student body; most of these rumors being about the weird apparitions students claim they have seen on campus during the month of October. Some of these ghastly, ghouls have been seen by various students and have been recorded into […]

6 Reasons Why OSU is Better than OU

There is a rivalry so deep even the Bloods and the Crips shy away from it. This rivalry began in 1890 when two dominant universities rose up out of the ground and into a battle that would rage on for the rest of time. The University of Oklahoma was founded on December 19th, 1890. Once […]

Oklahoma State Sorority Girl LITERALLY Dead from I-35 Traffic

Local srat star Kylee “Keg-Stand” Smith has been in close communications with one of her pledge sisters who is currently LITERALLY dead on I-35. “Yeah Sara literally ditched me at Starbs so she could get home earlier to see her Pomeranian, Lulu,” the sorority girl stopped to check her Apple Watch, “what a bitch am […]

7 Mascots Pistol Pete Would Beat in a Fight

Our beloved mascot Pistol Pete has a… kind of terrifying, iconic face we all know and love. Except small children. The fact that he was a real person at one point makes him cool. The fact that he set out on a cross-country mission to avenge his father’s death and outshot all of the cavalrymen […]

7 Graphs That Accurately Describe Life at OSU

We had our top-of-the-line analysts mull over the data for life at OSU and they’ve finally created accurate graphs to depict OSU and its many quirks. If you’re ever wondering if you’ve been a part of one of a statistic here in Stillwater, here is your chance to find out:     For some reason, […]

Edmon Low Study Snacks, and What They Mean

Cowboys and Cowgirls spend time cramming in study hours with droopy eyes and exhausted minds before we meet our maker. To conquer these side effects of the Edmon Low, food is a must. In the delusional state we all eventually get to, stuffing your face becomes the only option to be able to press onward. […]