Sam Morse

Sam Morse

6 Buildings to Flip Off Before You Leave GVSU

Had the urge to send the bird flying at buildings around GVSU or the people inside of them? Here are a few starters!

Top 7 Phrases to Yell While Receiving Diploma at GVSU Commencement

Capitalize on the eight seconds all eyes are on you by screaming some of these simple, catchy phrases while shaking T. Haas's equally sweaty hand.

Top 10 Places to Publicly Urinate at GVSU

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, even if that place to go is publicly somewhere on GVSU's campus. Don't worry, we know the best places to go!

5 Places to Have An Annoyingly Loud Personal Conversation at GVSU

Getting into a personal conversation with another human being (or any small animal, really) requires more than an interpersonal connection: the setting must be perfect! A candlelit dinner, the corner of a cozy coffee shop, our friend Ian’s basement because he has a sweet basement… the list goes on. Some GV students, however, decide to […]

Delta Upsilon Fraternity Members Mourn Shut Down with Insane Kegger

After a campus fraternity is shut down for the use of drugs and alcohol, brother fraternities mourn the loss with an insane party.

GVSU Students to Parade Around Nerd Stuff at Science Symposium

GV students will be presenting in three categories at the Science Symposium that are less than what you'd expect from a college-level science fair.

GVSU Student Sues University for Exhibition of “Octopus Pornography”

After seeing a piece of artwork in Kindschi, Bethany Klamer files a lawsuit against GVSU, claiming octopus masturbation porn isn't ok.