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Sam Shetty

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4 Schools You’d Rather Be Attending in January than Pitt

The grey skies, slush, and chilling winds make a semester in January all the more miserable to start. But this isn’t something everyone deals with...

9 Circles of Finals Week Hell at Pitt

Finals are just around the corner. Basically, you’re living in hell. So we at The Black Sheep decided to give you the 9 circles of finals week hell.

Top 4 Things You Won’t Miss About Pitt Over Winter Break

Going home for Winter Break will still be a very welcome reprieve. And there’s a few things none of us will miss about our home away from home.

Sexiest Pitt Basketball Players, Ranked by Name Only

Pitt Basketball is here, and with this new year we thought we'd give you a breakdown of the sexiest players, ranked by name only.

4 Sad November Realizations for Pitt Students

November is here, and with it Pitt’s semester is moving along quite quickly. There are a few things that means to us Pitt students.

Living at Pitt: North Oakland vs South Oakland vs Dorms

The University of Pittsburgh has quite a unique campus. But it does lend us three areas of residence: South Oakland, North Oakland and On Campus living.

5 Ways to Get TP’d in South Oakland This Halloween

As Pitt students we can take revenge against our crabby South Oakland neighbors -- with a good, old fashioned toilet papering of their house!

ACC Schools as Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters

Avatar. What a great show. The dynamic arsenal of characters that graced the show provides the perfect opportunity to assign each to an ACC school!

Pitt Campus Buildings Named by a 10-Year-Old Boy

Pitt has a wonderful campus, but our buildings could use new names. So here is a list of buildings on Pitt’s campus, renamed by a 10-year-old mind.

The New Student Concert Line-Up Coming to Bigelow

Most music sounds great when you’ve got some alcohol in ya, but we have a couple entertainers to ramp up Fall Fest a bit.