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Sam Shetty

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Top 5 Reasons the Return to Pittsburgh Totally Sucks

Now that we're back in the swing of things, the stress has returned. Here are a couple things that really suck about being back from Spring Break.

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In the quest for fame, there are many options to reach our goals. Some try to get on the Jumbotron at a Pitt basketball game. We're here to help.

Things Pitt Students Love More Than Their Valentines

There are a few things that every Panther loves more than their so-called better half. So this Valentine's Day, consider what you really love.

Former Pitt Running Back Injures Himself in Useless Super Bowl Play

In a move that’s already been described as dumb, useless and all-to-Panthers, Pitt alumnus Dion Lewis injured himself in a stupid Super Bowl fake play.

Where to Study Based on What Kind of Person You Are

Midterms are already here and there’s only once place you need to go! Or maybe a couple others, because where you study can tell people a lot about you.

5 Pitt Buildings You Didn’t Think Were Sexy, and 1 You KNOW is Sexy

Having an urban campus is a double-edged sword. But it lends itself to having some sexy buildings. And Pitt buildings sure are sexy.

The Ultimate Pittsburgh Winter Survival Guide for Students

Its January at Pitt and winter is here. And we're here to help you survive the (sometimes) harsh Pittsburgh winter at this great University.

4 Schools You’d Rather Be Attending in January than Pitt

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9 Circles of Finals Week Hell at Pitt

Finals are just around the corner. Basically, you’re living in hell. So we at The Black Sheep decided to give you the 9 circles of finals week hell.

Top 4 Things You Won’t Miss About Pitt Over Winter Break

Going home for Winter Break will still be a very welcome reprieve. And there’s a few things none of us will miss about our home away from home.