Sam Shulman

Sam Shulman

NCAA to Revoke Marcus Camby’s Degree Due to Outstanding Parking Ticket

“As a past offender, we have been intently watching Marcus since he decided to return to college,” NCAA CEO Emmert said yesterday.

Well-Rested LeBron to Not Sleep for Duration of Playoffs

LeBron James’ excessive rest has been well documented throughout the regular season, drawing the ire of basketball fans and NBA staff across the league. Fans have argued that they had spent hard-earned money just to see LeBron play, and when he doesn’t, it feels like a waste watching J.R. Smith attempt to fill in.Commissioner Adam […]

UMass’ 1st Annual Geek Week to Follow Greek Week

Geek Week is slated to start Monday and fans everywhere are hopeful it can rival the success of its predecessor, Greek Week.

Subbaswamy to Build Wall Around Townehouses To Keep Out “Undesirables”

While students were spending their spring breaks on the beach, the University was building a defense system around the Townehouses.

UMass Students Protest Sexism in TotMAN and BOYden Gyms

TotMAN and BOYden gym both have direct references to covertly supporting the hegemonic system that MUST BE DISMANTLED!!!!

NCAA Opens Investigation Into Grayson Allen’s Family March Madness Pool

  Duke fans and players have a little more to worry about than normal leading up to this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Rather than gearing up for their heavyweight matchup versus Troy, Duke is looking closely at how the NCAA will react to some alleged wrongdoings in Grayson Allen’s house.According to unbiased source, University […]

5 Crimes Probably Committed at Blarney 2017

When it was all said and done on Blarney, there was a little more of a fallout than just a couple Busch Lights on the ground.

UMass Set to Assign a Plethora of Moodle Surveys in Attempt to Stop Blarney

The UMass administration is taking their enforcement of Blarney a step further. Students will be bombarded with mandatory campus climate surveys on Moodle.

5 Ways To Break Up With Your Roommate Before the Spire Deadline

Housing season is upon us. Here is a list of the best ways to show someone you don’t want to live with them anymore before the infamous Spire deadline.

UMass’ Haigis Mall Set to Open First Store in March

After countless years of simply being a bus stop, UMass’ own Haigis Mall will finally live up to its name and open its very first store.