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Samantha Drew

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Virginia Tech
Hokie Pride from Ring Premiere Turns Student into Hokie Bird

This year at Ring Premiere, Hokie pride became overwhelming for one student, ultimately changing him forever, as he began to morph into the Hokie Bird.

7 Sexiest Virginia Tech Alumni

With a campus full of this many smart, good-looking people, a few of them become famous. Here are 7 of the most notable and sexy Virginia Tech alum.

Bartender of the Week: Carmen from Sharkey’s

Meet Sharkey's bartender Carmen and find out her most impressive feat of drunken strength and what she really wishes was legalized.

Top 6: Ways to Die on Virginia Tech’s Campus

Keep those heads up when crossing the street, and don’t forget that getting hit by a bus does NOT mean Virginia Tech will pay your tuition.

Turner Reaches Maximum Capacity, Causes Mini Earthquake

Yesterday reports came in that Turner had officially hit its maximum capacity standards, causing a mini earthquake, and damaging the structure.

Lane Stadium’s Clear Bag Policy Sparks Fashion Revival

Virginia Tech has done it again, the new clear bag policy for all home football games has sparked a new trend in the fashion world.

Two-Factor Authentication to Be Utilized at Battle of Bristol

Virginia Tech is unveiling a new way to make sure you don’t lose your friends in the crowd at Bristol: Two-Factor Authentication Location Services.

Skipper Cannon Misfires, TOTS Flag Tragically Destroyed

Before the first home game of the season, the Skipper Crew was practicing and missed their target, accidentally hitting and taking out the TOTS flag.

7 Fresh Hells for Freshmen to Discover on VT’s Campus

New Hokies will learn the ins and outs of campus, and luckily The Black Sheep is here to fill in the gaps your tour guide left out: the worst parts of VT.

Why VT Dorm Friends Are Forever (or Not)

Dorm friends make great company while you're a freshman, but just be wary of signing housing contracts too soon, a lot can change in a semester or two.