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Sami Williams

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6 Places to Hide at CU to Avoid the St. Paddy’s Day Chaos

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. If you’re one of those individuals that prefers a low-key St. Patty’s day, keep these hiding places in mind.

Why Are CU Frat Parties So GD Disgusting?

We've found that on average, any frat party happening on campus will be 80% shirtless, out of 60 square meters of space at least 30 square meters will be sticky, and 100% of partygoers will be visibly and tangibly “sweating their ass off.”

How Each CU Dorm Approaches Spring Cleaning (Or Lack Thereof)

We broke spring cleaning habits down by dorm, because lord knows Smith residents and Will Vill misfits don't approach a dirty desk the same way.

From the Streets: What’s Been Your Drunkest Moment at CU?

We talked to a few fellow Buffs about when they were just, well, extra. So sit back and enjoy not feeling like you were the drunkest person last night.

6 Theories on Why We Haven’t Seen Legit Snow in Boulder Yet

Seriously, where is the snow? Who is to blame? Let's explore some options, from Global Warming to a meteorologist conspiracy.

President Trump Nominates Another Buff: Ralphie the Bison for Secretary of Agriculture

Neil Gorsuch, former professor at CU, was just nominated by President Trump. Now he has nominated Ralphie as Secretary of Agriculture, because why not?

6 Surefire Ways to Piss Off a Buff

The Black Sheep is not responsible for any injuries that may occur in accordance with this article. Piss a Buff off at your own risk.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Laverne Cox Cancel Appearances, Opt to Duel Instead

The university understands that nobody really values the exchange of ideas, but rather – they value a blood bath.

7 Typical-Freshman Thoughts Every Baby Buff Has When Returning for Spring Semester

So much is in store, and as baby Buffs come from all across the country to continue their education, they’re left to ponder what may be.

8 Things To Do In Boulder Before The Cold Kills Us All

It's about to get too cold to merely exist in this town, so here are a few things to knock off your bucket list before you freeze to death like, next week.