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Sami Williams

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Top 5 Opportunities You Missed This Year At CU

Replace your crippling fear of finals with a crippling regret of things you failed to do this year at CU! Fun!

Will Vill East to Combat Resident Depression with $80 Million Water Park

On April 28th, CU Housing and Dining Services will be holding an open-house meeting regarding a proposed outdoor water park on the Williams Village campus.

5 Things CU Professors Do That Pisses Everyone Off

We’ve all had a professor who'll snicker every time the answer to a clicker question has 420 responses, then make the most groan-worthy weed joke ever.

5 Reasons Why 4/20 At CU Just Ain’t What It Used to Be

We decided to go into detail to solve the mystery of why 4/20 at CU Boulder just generally sucks more than it used to... and probably always will :(

5 Ways Buffs Can Avoid Existential Crisis During These Last Four Weeks

We've got 4 weeks left of class. Life during this last stretch is going to be hard, it's not going to be worth it, and you’ll want to die, multiple times.

The 5 Delusions CU Students Have About Spring Break

Stock up on Adderall and just accept the fact that all that homework isn’t going to happen until the night before school starts up again.

6 Places to Hide at CU to Avoid the St. Paddy’s Day Chaos

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. If you’re one of those individuals that prefers a low-key St. Patty’s day, keep these hiding places in mind.

Why Are CU Frat Parties So GD Disgusting?

We've found that on average, any frat party happening on campus will be 80% shirtless, out of 60 square meters of space at least 30 square meters will be sticky, and 100% of partygoers will be visibly and tangibly “sweating their ass off.”

How Each CU Dorm Approaches Spring Cleaning (Or Lack Thereof)

We broke spring cleaning habits down by dorm, because lord knows Smith residents and Will Vill misfits don't approach a dirty desk the same way.

From the Streets: What’s Been Your Drunkest Moment at CU?

We talked to a few fellow Buffs about when they were just, well, extra. So sit back and enjoy not feeling like you were the drunkest person last night.