Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

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University of Florida
A Much More Accurate Version of ‘We Are the Boys’

The Black Sheep’s expert lyricists analyzed and adapted the words of "We are the Boys" to make it more realistic.

QUIZ: What Kind of UF TailGATOR are You?

Gators young and old come together for an all day event to show off their orange and blue and get totally shwasted, but what kind of UF tailgator are you?

A Predicted Timeline of Hurricane Irma as Told by UFPD

University of Florida Police Department has taken the liberty to update students and Gainesville residents on Irma’s whereabouts.

UF F Book Traditions: Expectations vs. Reality

Completing the UF F Book is one of those traditions that every freshman hears about at Preview and naively thinks, “I’m going to do every single one!”

UF Pi Chi Sprains Neck Under Pressure of Outrageous Hat

One acclaimed Pi Chi, Leslie Smith, was sadly rushed to the infirmary after spraining her neck from wearing her monument of a hat.

The Turlington Plaza Drinking Game: For Gators Who Love to People Watch

What better way to prepare for the year than to post up on Turlington with your leftover booze and people watch for the sake of getting completely hammered?

Quiz: Are You Living In A Pinterest Dorm or the Dumpster Behind Balls?

Take this quiz to find out if you live in one of UF’s finest Pinterest dorms or if you somehow managed to sign a lease for the dumpster behind Balls.

Top 6 Drunk Food Spots in Sarasota, Florida

Be sure to check out these fav spots next time you’re drunk walking home from the bar singing “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.

5 Tips for Training Your Gator to be a Good Boy

UF students may think they’re the only gators out there trying to fit into the UF lifestyle, but it's home to more than just students on campus.

Which UF Spud is Supreme?: Turlington’s Potato or Marston’s French Fries?

UF is home to many juicy topics of debate. This week’s hot topic: which UF starchy monument reigns supreme? Tune into our Potato v. French Fries Debate!