Sarah Cassell

Sarah Cassell

Chief Campus Editor

UC Berkeley
Cal Sorority Girls Go To Women’s March Solely For The Instagram Pic

Nothing like a march to help you up your insta game!

BREAKING: Frat Gym Closes

In a crazy turn of events, Berkeley's frat gym has closed! What will Berkeley's local frat stars do? Read here to find out.

Top 10 Berkeley Clubs You Won’t Get Into… Even Second Semester

Getting into Berkeley is hard, but getting into Berkeley clubs… even harder. Here are 10 clubs that wouldn’t accept you even if you had cured cancer, knew Oski personally, and raised Karl Marx. 10.) Cal Mock Trial: They send you their Facebook invites for “auditions,” or is it a “hearing?” But when you tried out […]

Cal Students Surprised to Discover People Eat Meat

After four months in their vegetarian bubble, Cal students returned home to their various homes, shocking places where people actually eat meat.“There’s an entire store dedicated to eating meat…. It’s supposedly called a butchery.” San Diego native, Melissa Gurman reported. “In fact, it seems that most people here haven’t even heard of the movie Cowspiracy!”Other […]

Doe Library: Spot the Difference

We’ve changed 8 things about Doe Library—can you find them? If not, maybe you need a study break—just stare at this for a few hours. If you think you have them, email your guesses to [email protected] Get it right, you’ll get a prize!

Bartender of the Week: Kip’s Theo

Name: Theo Bar: Kip’s Relationship Status: Unknown Major: Econ Favorite drink: Whiskey Favorite shot: Tequila Disgusting drink: Irish Car Bombs What would you serve someone who just failed their finals?: AMF–otherwise known as Adios Motherfucker.What would be the hardest question on Kip’s final?: True or false, is there a kitchen in Kip’s? (The answer is […]

How To Tell if You’re A Cal Humanities Major Over Dead Week

Are you a Cal Humanities Major? Click here to find out!

Berkeley Students Excited To Return Back To The Bubble Where Everyone Agrees With Them

With break over, students are flocking back to the bubble of Berkeley where everyone agrees and has nice agreeing conversations!

How Did You Spend Your Final Gameday? As Told By a Local Frat Guy

To commemorate this final Gameday, we here at The Black Sheep have come up with a comprehensive flowchart to help you sort out your Saturday.