Sarah Cassell

Sarah Cassell

Chief Campus Editor

UC Berkeley
8 Non-Academic Reasons You Won’t Be Graduating From Berkeley

With graduation coming up many people (read: frat stars) are worried their grades won’t allow them to graduate. But for others at this school, they worry that their shenanigans over their four (or more) years here may have cost them a piece of paper. So, The Black Sheep we have compiled the 8 Non-Academic Reasons […]

Breaking: Republicans Replace Obamacare with SHIP

It's probably better than the American Health Care Act.

Bartender of the Week: Bear’s Lair’s Saroj Bhattarai

Name: Saroj Bhattarai Bar: Bear’s Lair Relationship Status: Taken Major: Graphic arts Favorite Drink: Double IPA Favorite Shot: Jameson Disgusting Drink: Miller High LifeWhat drink are you serving a recent graduate of Cal? Why?: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, because it’s cheap and they can afford it before they get a job.What would you say to […]

15 Quotes From Cal Day That We Actually Heard

"Is it like this every weekend?"

UC Berkeley Replaces bearWalk with ASUC Senate Hopefuls

BearWalks has now become BearStalks.

BREAKING: Frat Gym Reopens

In a shocking email sent out over break, Cal Administration announced that Frat Gym would be reopened earlier than expected. This was accompanied with great excitement from Berkeley’s Greek Row residents who for the past month had to go to the RSF.   “I’m literally so f*cking stoked.” Delta Chi Steve Sloan yelled while chugging […]

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To The Cal Drinking Song?

It’s the the favorite song of every UC Berkeley drunk, but how well do you really know the lyrics to it? Take this quiz to find out!   WATCH: Spring Break expectations vs. Reality: 

“The Irish Were Oppressed Too!” Says Cal Frat Boy

Think it's okay to wear green today? Think again.