Sarah Cassell

Sarah Cassell

Chief Campus Editor

UC Berkeley
QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To The Cal Drinking Song?

It’s the the favorite song of every UC Berkeley drunk, but how well do you really know the lyrics to it? Take this quiz to find out!   WATCH: Spring Break expectations vs. Reality: 

“The Irish Were Oppressed Too!” Says Cal Frat Boy

Think it's okay to wear green today? Think again.

Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart, Begins Working At Daily Cal

Look for his upcoming column... Fascism on a Tuesday!

Cal Student Whose Father Is CEO of Fortune 500 Company Still Sooo Surprised He Got Into Haas

Surprising! Student whose father is worth over ten-million dollars got into Haas! Wow!

QUIZ: Will You Get Into Haas?

With Haas acceptance letters coming out this Friday, everyone is worried whether or not they’ll be accepted into the School Of Free Backpacks. Well don’t worry; we here at The Black Sheep have come up with a comprehensive quiz that’ll give you official results! WATCH: This is the most garbage of memes, hate it before […]

BREAKING: Cal Men’s Lacrosse Learn They’re Not A D1 Sport

Shocking news hit the Men's Lacrosse team this Tuesday... they are not a D1 sport!

Shocking! Inviting a Transphobic Racist to UC Berkeley Ends Poorly

Inviting a racist, sexist, homophobe to Berkeley ended badly... who would've thought?!

Berkeley College Republicans Invite Hologram of Hitler to Be Their Next Speaker

Hours before Milo Yiannopoulos' speech at UC Berkeley, Berkeley College Republicans made another rash decision; invite Hologram Hitler to speak.

BREAKING: Dirks Bans All Out-Of-State Students

This Saturday Dirks issued an unprecedented executive order banning all out-of-state students leading to shocking repercussions around campus.