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Sarah Hall

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4 Games to Play While You Wait For Your Flight Back to NJ for Fall Break

Waiting for flights is the absolute worst, no matter where you’re headed. Airports are huge, too expensive, and have terrible selfie lighting. Distract yourself from your current hell with these games to play while you wait for your flight back to the Garden Garbage State, because everyone knows your flight is going to be delayed […]

5 Signs You’ve Already Let the Semester Get Away from You at UMich

Papers, projects, and exams, oh my! Here are some other signs you’ve let your semester get away from you, and, maybe after you read them, you go shower.

5 Amazon Documentaries About Michigan Besides Its Football Team

Everyone is excited about Amazon Prime premiering a documentary of Michigan football. Here are five documentaries about Michigan besides its football team.

People You Don’t Want Together at 3 A.M. on Snap Maps in Ann Arbor

The Black Sheep has compiled the seven groups of people you definitely don’t want to see together on Snap Maps in Ann Arbor at 3 a.m.

12 Things to Get Your Grubby Little Hands on Before You Leave Ann Arbor

If you just take your favorite items with you from UMich when you leave, you’ll never have to miss them ever again!

Top 10 University of Michigan Inspired Dog Names

In order to raise a proper pupper, you need to set them up for success. Give them one of these spectacular names, and they’re more than halfway there.

The 5 Best Places at U of M to Fart Because it Already Smells Like Farts

Fear not, we are here to help you. Here are the best places to release your ass eruption on campus.

8 Ways To Seduce That Special Someone in the Michigan Union’s Tap Room

This incredible room, hidden away in the basement of the Union, is the perfect romantic to take someone you’re really trying to impress.

Renaming Other U of M Buildings for the Bicentennial

We fiercely agree, who would name a building something like Lorch or Couzens anyway? Did they accidentally type ‘ze’ instead of ‘si’?

How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Irish at Ann Arbor St. Paddy’s Day Darties

How many people at St. Paddy’s Day darties are actually Irish? Who knows, but we’re here to teach you how to make everyone think you are..