Sarah McCliment

Sarah McCliment


6 Non-Academic Reasons You Won’t Graduate

Don’t trade the maroon and orange just yet because you could be here longer than ya think because of these reasons:

The Best Tweets from Hokies This Semester

We finally decided y'all are almost as funny as us and wanted to share your comedic genius with the rest of world, meaning all of Hokie Nation.

QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based on Your Typical VT Weekend

As it turns out, where you lived your freshman year at Tech can be revealing of your personality. Take this quiz to see if we're right!

Find Out What John Boyer, Bud Foster, and President Sands Have to Say

Ever wonder what some of the Virginia Tech personalities are thinking? We were able to get a few of their thoughts on their favorite topics!

Spot the Difference at Newman Library

We’ve changed 8 things in the pic below—can you find them?Get it right, you’ll get a prize!

Justin Fuente: Named CILF of the Year

The man has clear eyes, a full heart, a can’t lose mentality. and also happens to be ~muy caliente~

Top 10 Tweets From the Diplo Concert

Even if you weren't able to attend the once in a lifetime performance of the super well known artist Diplo, well we have you covered.

Bartender of the Week: Blacksburg Taphouse’s Cassandra

Meet Cassandra from Blacksburg Taphouse and find out what she would put in Jerod Evans' drink if he walked into Taphouse on a Friday night.

Where Different VT Majors Go to Die

            It’s the final stretch of the semester, and let’s face it, your ass is dragging and your mom told you that she isn’t adding anymore cash to your meal plan which means no more caffeine or eating your feelings in Bruegger’s Bagels. You’ve spent the past six nights sleeping at the library and you’re […]

Top 5 Signs You’ve Found Yourself a VT F**kboy

You know them when you see them, but it's hard to call them out like Bey. We've clarified everything for every Hokie here.