Savannah Guy

Savannah Guy

5 Totally Non-Sexual Ways NYU Turns You On

In the world of hookups, one has got to have something reliable on things to be turned on by. Thankfully, NYU has you covered in many non-sexual ways.

5 Weird NYC Laws that Somehow Still Exist

We're all wondering how these crazy NYC laws still exist -- or why some of them were ever even necessary in the first place.

5 Times NYU’s Incompetence Almost Literally Killed You

We're sure you've thought before that NYU's literal incompetence might be the cause of your death, which sucks considering how much money we've paid them.

NYU Petition Calls for New Intramural Sport: Mind Stretching

A currently circling NYU Petition demands the introduction of a new intermural sport, Mind Stretching, a sport that NYU kids, "can actually do."

How to Get Through All 5 Stages of Grief While Waiting for the NYU Shuttle

According to widespread reports, the notoriously late NYU shuttle is already sending students through waves of depression while they wait.

Which Shitty NYU Bar Should You Visit to Celebrate the New Semester?

Where to go to drown out the existential dread and the whining roommate? Luckily, we've got you covered with a quiz to find the shitty NYU bar for you.

NYU Student “Marks Territory” In Bobst During Finals Week

The Black Sheep interviewed student, Albert “Goldenshower” Jones, who went the furthest into insanity during finals, marking his territory in Bobst.

NYU Student Swipes in 100 Strangers to Solve World Hunger

This rainy Wednesday afternoon, Simone Rankelschwitz went deep inside herself and into her NYU Home, to check Campus Cash and Meal Plans.

The 5 People You Will Meet At Weekend On The Square

You are going meet a lot of really cool, fun, weird, and terrible people at NYU's Weekend On The Square. Here is a look at a few of them!

NYU Student’s Search For Free Food Lands Him on An Unwanted Study Away in Antarctica

Drawn to the promise of free food at a club meeting, an NYU freshman was coerced into signing up for a nonnegotiable trip to Antarctica.