Shannon Sides

Shannon Sides

K-State Loses in the First Round, Finally Accept Their Team Just Sucks

All hope for KSU fans having a decent basketball team ended when they had their ass kicked by Cincinnati on Friday.

Freshman Uses Pokémon Card at The Hawk, Actually Gets In

KU freshman Chad Wellington recently caused The Hawk to question its ID requirements after he was let into the bar using a Pokémon card as identification.

6 Ways To F*ck Shit Up On Jayhawk Blvd. Between Classes

The time you have between classes is the perfect time to terrorize Jayhawk Boulevard. We have a few suggestions so you can get started on wasting your time.

5 Things KU Should Actually Be Spending Our Tuition Money On

KU students are paying 20,000+ a year in tuition, and it’s all seemingly going to construction. KU may think they know what’s best, but we know better.

What Each KU Sports Team Would Be Like in Bed

The University of Kansas is notorious for our sports. Whether you’re talking about our glorious basketball team, or our shitty football team...

5 KU VDay Gifts For Your S/O That Will For Sure Get You Laid

Lucky for you, The Black Sheep is here to help with a list of great Jayhawk-themed Valentine’s Day gifts that will instantly get you laid, probably.

Top 5 KU Celebs Living as Sims

Living life in the Sims would be incredibly easy for any of us. There are cheats to get thousands of dollars at a time and entertainment at every corner.

The 10 Commandments One Must Follow at a KU Basketball Game

Bill Self is a God among us, and it’s only fair that we honor him and the great players by following a simple list of Ten Commandments.

4 Ways to Know You’re Being a Total Dick on KU Buses

All students should be thankful for KU's incredible transportation system, but that doesn’t mean we have to be thankful for the dickheads who use it.

If KU Syllabi Were Honest…

Syllabus week is basically just a week full of you gracing your professors with your presence, and it could only get better if syllabi were actually honest.