Shivani Prasad

Shivani Prasad

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UC Santa Barbara
The 3 Types of F*** Buddy Every Romantic Relationship in IV Boils Down To

From the allure of the ocean to of the marijuana-tobacco-vodka mix in the air, it’s no surprise that romantic relationships between students are abundant.

DP Housing Prices Falling Faster Than The 6800 Block Fell Into The Ocean

“Just a year ago if you had asked me to appraise these homes, I would’ve told you each home is easily worth $5.5 million on average,” McConnell told reporters somberly.

Cheadle Hall Advising Accidentally Offers Advice

The department has since issued an apology to all parties affected by this mistake, and has assured the press that this incident is quite irregular.

LEAKED: Chancellor Yang’s “Unconventional” Plan to Slow Speed on Campus Bike Paths

New developments for UCSB bike paths have been leaked, revealing an either masterful stroke to cut down on bike speed and thus create safer paths, or an egregious lack of effort by the chancellor's office to get anything done.

STEM Study Suggests UCSB Humanities are “Soft and Useless”

Outdated teaching practices such as "reading" and "writing" are the only tools used to advance these barbaric studies of humanities.