Sophie Charboneau

Sophie Charboneau

7 Thoughts You Have While Running Across Grand River, Drunk

Every Spartan has faced the challenging task of trying to cross Grand River. It sucks when you're sober, but is the thrill of a lifetime when you're drunk.

Dantonio vs. Izzo: Who Should Be Your Valendaddy?

A valendaddy? That’s highly encouraged. And who would be better candidates than the daddies of MSU, Dantonio and Izzo? But, who should be your valdendaddy?

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The Black Sheep has a couple of moves up our sleeves to get you to seduce your class crush using everyone’s favorite attendance-taking device.

How To: 4.0 Econ 201 While Still Doing Absolutely Nothing

Econ is some type of weird math can really make you doubt that you’re going to get that holy grail of a 4.0. Here's a guide that'll help you make the grade!

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How to Be Successfully “Sylly” During MSU’s Syllabus Week

Ready to just totally fuck up your life? Here are 10 tips to make sure that your syllabus week is one heck of a “sylly” time.

8 Spartan Pick Up Lines That Will Land You A New Year’s Eve Kiss

Wouldn’t you like to begin the year by scoring the sexiest piece of ass at Ricks? Here are 8 pick up lines that will be sure to land you that New Years kiss

6 Places to Have a Mental Breakdown at the MSU Library During Finals Week

Finals are here and we're ready to die. We’ve created a list of places where it’s totally acceptable to have a mental breakdown at MSU’s main library.