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Elle Moulin

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6 Rational New Year’s Resolutions For Every Gopher

This past year was rough to say the least. Between Kaler’s disregard for the needs of UMN students and the shameful light cast upon UMN in national news thanks to the Gopher football team, it may seem difficult to be hopeful in the new year. Albeit, a new year still requires some sort of new […]

7 Ways to Distract Yourself from Your Inevitable Final Exams

The end of the semester is here and so are the top 7 ways to distract yourself from the looming final exams week and live in a fantasy world instead.

Missed Connections at the University of Minnesota

Recently University of Minnesota students have gone to Missed Connections to find their soulmates... and make fun of others looking for their lost loves.

Trump Targets Goldy the Gopher for Weight Gain

While Trump usually points out the flaws in women, this week he decided to project his insecurities onto Goldy, implying the gopher had put on a few lbs.

Top 5 Schemes to Infiltrate an Exclusive UMN Frat Party

The most ratchet of parties are often found at grimy, frat mansions. Here are 5 schemes that will help you get into these selective, drunken parties.

Where at the U Will You Drunkenly Wake Up This Weekend? [Flowchart]

If you're planning on going hard for homecoming, follow this flowchart to find out where you might wake up the next morning.

The 5 Types of Incoming UMN Freshmen

Going back to school in the fall means there will be a whole new species roaming campus: freshmen.

How to Make This Semester at UMN Less Shitty than the Last One

Between the difficult professors, inconsiderate roommates, and plethora of drunken nights, college can be rough.

VENN DIAGRAM: Summer at the U vs. Home Sweet Home

Torn between going home this summer and hangin’ in Minneapolis? Not to worry. The Black Sheep went totally old school to help a

Good Luck Cards For Your Final Exams

We put together a compilation of fun cards you can give out as a sarcastic way of saying, “good luck.” Happy end of the semester, ya sad sacks!