A Judgemental Map of Oxford, Ohio

Frat stars, dead people, and the weird horse girls from middle school - a lot of people live in this town, so what part of town do you live in?

Mason’s Daddy of the Week: Tirik Ford

Meet George Mason's Daddy of the Week, Tirik. He knows a thing or two about trampolines.

Actual Oklahoma State Cowboy Discontent With Fake Country Calf Fry Goers

Earl Squibbles Jr. absolutely loves being a country boy.  Some might say he loves it a little too much.“I’ll tell ya what, man,” Earl proclaimed, his thick southern drawl amplified by the dip wad of tobacco in his lip. “Ain’t no way you’ll ever catch me in the big city.  Damn yuppies everywhere, traffic jams, […]

7 Places Pokes End Up after Calf Fry

It’s been said for years that the week of Calf Fry might as well be officially titled “OSU’s Spring Shit Show.” A sea of mud-covered boots, girls in short jean shorts, and cases of light beer flood the Tumbleweed at the end of Dead Week. When all is said and done, there are only two […]

ISU Professor Gives Fewer F*cks Than Students

An Illinois State University professor was spotted celebrating an ordinary Monday chugging pitchers last night, subsequently, he cancelled class for today.

Cal Student’s Last Attempt At Participation Particularly Pathetic

As the last week of instruction approaches, many students now find themselves at a turning point in the semester where they may actually need to contribute to discussion. The Black Sheep decided to follow Johnson McJohnson, a second-year student at Cal, for his valiant journey.“So we’re just standing outside of Dwinelle [email protected] right now, I’m […]

UVa Professor Gives Fewer F*cks Than Students

A University of Virginia professor was spotted celebrating an ordinary Monday chugging pitchers last night, subsequently, he cancelled class for today.

7 Steps to Convincing Your GMU Professor to Give You the A You Don’t Deserve

Just follow these seven steps and you'll have a real chance at getting that "well-deserved" A.

Oklahoma State Student Plans to Bribe Teachers with Bursar Funds

Frank “Frat Boi” Fritz has always had three things in life: money, charm, and terrible grades. “Bro, I know people who pay teachers for grades, like, all the time, man,” Frank exclaims emphatically to his buddies. “With my deep pockets and good looks there’s no way a teacher could deny this stud a grade bump! May as […]

QUIZ: Do You REALLY Belong At Purdue Or Are You IU Trash?

It’s no competition to say which is the better university, but sometimes, we have hidden players who corrupt the purity of us Boilermakers. In other words, red-eyed IU hooligans who never question why their campus looks like an insane asylum or why they love chicken nuggets more than their own education. Now is the time […]