From the Streets: What’s the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to You at the Beach?

We slapped on some sunblock and set out to ask some MSU Students, "What’s the worst thing ever to happen to you at the beach?"

GMU Pledge a Little Too Into Hazing

Members of the Nu Omicron Omega fraternity at GMU announced Sunday that they were a little uncomfortable with new pledge's eagerness to be hazed.

We Have the 2017 Haas Rejection Letter!

WATCH: This is the most garbage of memes, hate it before it happens,

7 Ways to Avoid WMU Midterms

Well, we’ve come to that time of year where the weather gently pats us on the back with warmth and sunshine, only to then have school immediately proceed to slap us in the face with midterms. Cursed, cursed midterms. How can you possibly escape this bullet to the kneecap of your precious grades? Glad you […]

BREAKING: Thousands of Cal Students Declare Economics Major

UC Berkeley’s highly selective Haas School of Business released their decisions today, and although initial statistics have yet to surface, the School’s 2015 acceptance rate was a mere 13.2 percent.“At first I had no idea what that ear-splitting sound was, but I could hear it from my room,” reported freshman Daniel Getter right after decisions […]

The 10 Best Places to Drop a Deuce At Oklahoma State

Finding the right place to poop on OSU’s vast campus can be quite the challenge. And when judgement is approaching, there’s no time to evaluate the different places to poo. That’s why The Black Sheep created a list to make the ordeal a little less sh*tty.10.) Murray Hall: The best place on campus to ponder […]

Volunteer Basketball Team Aiming to Mirror Amazing Success of the Football Team

Prior to last night’s 83-58 drubbing at the hands of Kentucky, February 11th, 2017, saw the Vols lose a nail-biter at home to the Georgia Bulldogs, 76-75. To the casual observer, this may have seemed like a disappointing setback. For coaches and administrators, however, this game went exactly according to plan.Knoxville has been buzzing with the […]

QUIZ: Which West Main Eatery Should You Take Bae for V-Day?

Valentine’s Day is here, Broncos! That means making some time for your special someone. While buying them a dry cupcake from the Bernhard Market can be a nice gesture, a proper Valentine’s Day dinner using real money and not Dining Dollars is the sure way to your bae’s heart, but the real question is where […]

President Brown to De-Ice BU Using Salt of Students’ Tears

Lack of class cancellation and generally damp socks have students saltier than a Pretzel Time store at the bottom of the ocean. Most feel like their cold cries are not being heard, but they are.

NC State Crowned “Best Basketball Program in North Carolina” by Transitive Property

All NC State fans are still in shock that, by the transitive property, the North Carolina State University is the best basketball team in North Carolina.