Guide to Enjoying Ole Miss Swap Parties Without Ending Up in Front of Standards

SWAP SZN—one of the best parts of Greek life. When else will you get the chance wear your leather leggings and glitter collection and have it be okay?

5 Things to Remember When Sealing Your Fate for Ole Miss Classes This Fall

If you remember these tips you should be right on track to having a painless fall schedule with lots of time dedicated to cheering on our Rebs.

QUIZ: What Ole Miss Sporting Event Are You?

Whatever your BAC may be, make sure you walk, stumble, or crawl your way over to watch and chant as our team makes their trek to victory. Hotty Toddy!

Top 5 Ways to Handle Not Having a Valentine at Ole Miss

Don’t have a boo to share the festivities with this year? No worries—we have some advice to make the pain a little easier to swallow (or forget) here in Ox.

Top 5 Ways to Survive An Ole Miss Frat Party

Want to avoid potentially embarrassing yourself at your next frat party? Keep the following tips in mind when you’re out.

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Best and Worst Things About Leaving Oxford for the Holidays

Here’s to putting our questionable decision making—alcohol aficionado—college persona on hold for 6 weeks, and we can power through until we’re back in Ox.

A Reflection on the New Semester Resolutions We All Failed

Now’s a good time to look back (some with a little more disdain than others) on some of the things we promised ourselves at the end of August…

Terps Crushed by Missed Chance to Mock Milo Yiannopoulos to his Face

A self proclaimed “dangerous faggot” and “antifeminist,” the ardently pro-Trump writer Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance at UMD was derailed this week by high security fees. News of the cancellation prompted uproar among his detractors, all crushed that they wouldn’t be able to meet, mock, and criticize Milo to his face. “Y’know,” Sadie Gunn, a sophomore English […]

Bartender of the Week: Legends’ Andreya

Hang out and have a drink with Legend's lengend, wait for it, dary bartender, Andreya.