7 Conversations Every Cornellian Had Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving. The time to swerve unfortunate questions harder than your crush swerved you in english lecture.

How To: Avoid Paying Syracuse Tuition

We’ve all heard the rumor: get hit by a South Campus Bus, get free tuition! And who wouldn’t want free tuition? So we present… a step-by-step guide on how to convincingly get run over by the 344 to South Campus.  Step 1: “Go for a Run” Put in headphones, and ensure that you’re listening to […]

Syracuse Freshman Far Too Smart For Basic Level Classes

One freshman at Syracuse University, Justin Smith, has determined that his intelligence level is far superior to other freshmen, and he will not need to attend any further ENGL 100 classes at Hall of Languages. Not only is a 10:00 a.m. class impossible to wake up for, Hall of Languages is like, 15 nautical miles […]

7 Less Phallic Names for the South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina is home to a decent sports program. However, it might be stronger if not for the unfortunate mascot name. Here are 7 alternatives.

The 10 Heaviest College Football Players

We all remember this guy:   6’7, 410-pound LaQuon McGowan was the king of college football’s big boys for some years, but recently went undrafted and has left some rather large shoes to fill for the rest of our collegiate athletes.This Top 10 is not just dedicated to large football players. The brave men who […]

The 5 Types of Hawkeye Roommates You Want To Avoid

Unless you’re the lucky and spoiled SOB who magically managed to score one of the few singles in the dorms, typical college life is having to share a shoebox with either someone you’ve met  once or someone who is a complete stranger. The dorms are your hunting ground for roommates, so pay attention. Here are […]

Bro, Do You Even Row Here?

Western Michigan University merchandise is sold everywhere in Kalamazoo. Even Wal-Mart has its own two aisles strictly dedicated to the Broncos. Anything wearable, magnetic, or lanyardy is available in WMU flavor — that delicious blend of brown, black and gold with, like, horses and shit. And that’s why the multitudes of other gear sported at […]

Bartender of the Week: Nick from Beggar’s

This week, we interviewed Nick from Beggar's to ask him questions about his high school homecoming experience.

From The Streets: High School Homecoming Memories

This week, we ask 3 MSU students all about their best high school homecoming memories.

BREAKING: Berkeley Clown Sightings Just Physical Manifestation of Midterm Stress, General Hopelessness

Berkeley– Apparent clown sightings have increased across Cal’s, just in time for midterms, cooling weather, and impending doom come the November election. What some have said is “just another fucked up thing in 2016 aka the apocalypse,” experts have argued otherwise — that these campus clowns are merely physical manifestations of students’ stress. “The mind is a peculiar […]