Summer Cartwright

Summer Cartwright

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Breaking: Ohio State Shower Semenator Caught, Creepy RA Fired

Last week a note appearing in Smith-Steeb led residents to believe a mysterious resident was clogging drains with semen. The mystery man is a creepy RA.

How To: Darty At Ohio State

Ohio has decided to be warm as fuck out, so naturally students are left with one thing to do: party during the day, bitches.

Bid Day Battle Leaves 180 Wounded At OSU

Bid Day turned violent as one sorority girl went ham on other girls who tried to play music, yes music, at the same time she did.

Breaking: Ohio State Has a Basketball Team

Buckeye Nation was shocked midday on Sunday as they realized that OSU has a sport that isn't football, and this sport wins games.

Instagram Fitness Accounts Feel Personally Victimized By Influx Of OSU Students Working Out

New year resolutions bring on campus tragedy as self-proclaimed instagram gods can no longer work out in empty gyms on campus.

How To: Accurately Rate Your OSU Professors On SEIs

SEI szn is here and it's finally OSU students' time to shine in evaluating their professors on their performance this semester. F's for everyone!

Urban Meyer Reactions To The Game Vs. TTUN

It's the Monday after the game of the century, and buckeye fans are not even close to recovering from the madness that was Saturday.

The Ohio State Union to Become the New “Union Cafe”

The Ohio State University Union is home to many traditions and campus memorabilia, but it is soon to change in response to this year's election results.

How To: Gain Weight Thanksgiving Break Like A Buckeye

A lot of people think gaining weight during the holidays sucks. We aren't those people. Gain that weight and let the pounds rain.

How To: Be An Ohio State Hoe

It's hard to be a hoe, unless you're a hoe fo' sho. Lucky for you The Black Sheep has the tips to be a class one level hoe. Fo' Sho.