Susanna Parkhill

Susanna Parkhill

Staff Writer

UNC Charlotte
QUIZ: What Kind of Charlotte Weather Are You?

Charlotte's weather is as ~diverse~ as the unpredictable and unique folks that live here, so find out what kind of Charlotte weather you are!

If UNCC Buildings Were STDs

UNC Charlotte’s campus bears a lot of similarities to sexually transmitted diseases, so much so that we question, “Is it safe to touch this?”

The Best Bathroom Graffiti Found In Atkins Library

We took to floors 5-10 of Atkins library to get the scoop on bathroom stall graffiti-- and we definitely weren't disappointed with the Niner Nation.

The 10 Most Phallic Objects on UNCC’s Campus

UNCC is full of phallic objects and architecture-- be a Niner who takes part in the phallic fallacy, and see the top 10 dongs on our campus.

10 Ways to Have the Shittiest Spring Semester at UNCC

You're three weeks in and you can't add/drop classes anymore--make your life infinitely worse with these 10 shitty ways to have a terrible spring semester!