Sydney Marsman

Sydney Marsman


Florida State University
5 Ways To See If You’re Worthy Of “Dunk Nation” Title Like FSU Basketball

In their fight for the title of NCAA champions, the Florida State basketball team won the title of “Dunk Nation” when they played FGCU, who is known as...

QUIZ: Which Awkward FSU Statue Are You?

There are many different statues on the campus of Florida State that not only have meaningful historical backgrounds, but also have unique personality...

FSU Students Vote for Campus to Become Bird Sanctuary, Too

On Wednesday night of last week, the students of Florida State University voted on a bill that would decide whether the campus would turn into a bird...

How You Act At The Strip Based On Your Major

When you’re in college, the first thing people will ask you is “what is your name?” closely followed by “what is your major?” It seems to be a defining...

Definitive Timeline of a Seminole’s Four Years at FSU

Between the emotional breakdowns at Strozier the regrettable nights at the Strip, it becomes obvious college isn’t quite what we thought it would be.

6 Things FSU Students Can Post On Facebook That Aren’t Trump

At this point, scrolling through post after post about Donald Trump on Facebook is beyond irritating. Facebook users everywhere want to see something new...

6 2016 Florida State Memories To Purge From Your Brain on NYE

As a unified student body, we can all agree that the memories made in 2016 should just be forgotten.

Woodward Starbucks’ Green Cups to Get Deported

This year, Starbucks Corp released their new cup design on November 1st, which celebrates community. So, in other words...

What FSU Students Should Say This Thanksgiving

This past week, FSU student Merissa White realized that the holidays were fast approaching and the thought of delicious turkey and gravy in her mouth...

FSU Fall Semester As Told By Memes

Florida State University has been through a lot these past few months, and it can be hard to describe when we are asked by our family and friends.