Tabitha Smith

Tabitha Smith

Top 4 Reasons Boilers Should Just Eat Pizza and Rub One Out This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and cuffing season last semester wasn’t nearly as fruitful as anyone thought it would be. If being single on Purdue’s campus of 30,043 people wasn’t a good enough reason to stay home and avoid the torture, here are 5 more reasons to give Cupid the finger this Valentine’s […]

A Drunk Review of Earhart Dining Court

If we didn’t already give our parents enough reason to worry about our alcoholism, here’s another: this week, we’ll be doing a drunk review of the food served at Earhart Dining Court. Earhart has booths serving a variety of food, including Granite Grill, Souper Deli, Heartland Classics, Totally Italian, and a couple more gourmet-sounding names […]

5 Things Boilermakers Should Probably Do Now That Syllabus Week Is Over

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and whoever they are, they’re right. You spent the entirety of syllabooze week with your favorite Boilermakers going out every night and making incredibly poor decisions, but sadly, you’ll be forced back into reality this week. So, now that the fun is over, here are just a […]

10 Things Purdue Students Should Really Be Tested On

Finals week is almost upon us, and after forgetting half of what we learned this semester, we’re barely making it through dead week. Here are 10 things every Boilermaker wishes he could replace his calculus exam.   10.) The Ol’ Puke and Rally: It’s all fun and games until the Windsor burrito you had for […]

5 Reasons Purdue Wrestling Should Be Your Favorite Sport

Let’s talk sports. Here at Purdue, we’re a Big Ten school. We have all sorts of athletic teams that compete to be the best. However, one sport seems to fall short when it comes to receiving credit where credit is due, and that’s Purdue’s wrestling team. They have outstanding records almost every year, and this […]