Tara Giuffre

Tara Giuffre


6 RU Dorm Rules to Break Before You Move Out for the Summer

It's almost time to move out of your dorm but before you go, here are 6 rules to break from the Residence Life handbook before the year ends.

The Ultimate Spring 2017 Rutgers Finals Lookbook

Finals are here and it's important to keep your outfits looking fresh. Here are 6 new looks especially designed for you to get through finals.

RU Stoners to Abstain from 4/20 Activities in an Attempt to “Rebrand”

Rutgers University Stoners 4 Change will abstain from smoking marijuana on their national holiday to revamp their brand on campus.

7 Ways To Completely Piss Off Any Rutgers Student

With thousands of students on campus, there’s always someone that’s annoyed. These reasons will annoy all 50,000 of us no matter what.

10 Commencement Speakers Rutgers Can Actually Afford

Commencement is coming and speakers aren't cheap. So we came up with 10 affordable speakers that can redeem the one time RU hired Snooki as a speaker.

10 Rutgers Students Who Might Be “The One”

It's finally spring which means love is in the air at Rutgers! Watch out for these 10 RU students who could be your one and only soulmate.

Rutgers Student Celebrates Spring Break in Cancun, “Accidentally” Doesn’t Return

Rutgers student Samantha Collins announced by text to all her friends that she’s arrived in Cancun for spring break and refuses to return home.

QUIZ: Which Drunk Food Spot RU Based on Your Drunk Alter Ego?

No matter what kind of drunk you are, the one thing every drunk college kid loves is food. Which Rutgers food joint with drunk eats are you?

President Barchi to Require Seeing Eye Puppies to Start Paying Tuition

Rutgers President Robert Barchi announced that Seeing Eye puppies training on campus must pay tuition if they are to stay.

5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your RU Girlfriend If You’re Broke

Since you're a broke college student, The Black Sheep has a few cheap DIY gifts you can find around Rutgers that your girl will love.