Tayler Green

Tayler Green

The 10 Best Walk of Shame Routes At UNCC

Awkward eye contact? Trying to smooth your wrinkled shirt from the night before in that 8am class? Make your day easier by planning out your walk of shame.

Proud UNCC Dad Pays $400+ for Son to Graduate with Faux Honors

“A one time fee of $95 to be a lifelong member of an organization is priceless,” Russell said. “We can print as many copies off of the certificate at home as we want.”

UNCC Human Garbage Already Lost New Student ID

Literal piece of shit sophomore Emily Gardener was reported last Friday to have already lost her new student ID. Issued for free less than two months ago, Gardener, a waste of human space, reportedly misplaced the ID essential for her student life at UNC Charlotte.  “It’s just like me to do something like this,” said […]

UNCC Musters Up Concern When Rape Case Involves Student-Athlete Kevin Olsen

With the arrest of UNCC's quarterback, Kevin Olsen yesterday, students were outraged when the university FINALLY released a statement regarding a rape case.

What 1 Sober Hour at UNCC’S “Karaoke Live” Is Really Like

We went to UNCC's Karaoke Live in the student union so you didn't have to! And because you were never going to attend anyway!

Flowchart: Which Charlotte Bar Are You?

With so much nightlife in Charlotte, you have no excuse for not going out tonight and seeing the Queen city after we match you with the perfect spot.

Get to Know Your UNCC Homecoming Candidates

Tomorrow might be Homecoming, but it's not too late to get know the UNCC Homecoming Royal Court!

UNCC’s Bartender of the Week: Nykohl from Solstice

We interview Nykohl from Solstice Tavern for our Bartender of the Week feature.

The 7 Sexiest UNCC Alumni

We have pick-axes and hard-hats for a legit reason here at UNC Charlotte-- we're an actual gold mine for producing the sexiest alumni. CHECK them OUT!

UNCC Reacts As Inappropriately As Expected in Police Shooting

“Having the chancellor refuse to tell us what’s going on really gives me the peace of mind I need to continue with my life like nothing’s happening.”