Taylor Keegan

Taylor Keegan

McKinly Lab Burns Following Experiment Aimed to Impress Bill Nye

Students ran and shoved each other because dying three months before graduation would mean the last four years of academic hell was essentially for nothing.

New “Medium Bob” Gym to Open in Middle of Green Above Memorial

Some students find The Little Bob too small, while others are intimidated by The Big Bob. The Medium Bob will be perfect for those who don’t like extremes.

Top 5 Places To Take Your ProUD Puppy To Sh*t On Campus

Some may prefer dropping their bombs on the green, comforted by the soft whips of chemically saturated grass blades. Visit these shit-stops with your pup!

UD Cancels All Future Tuesday Classes Because It Always Rains Anyway

It's unknown whether this change is in a trial and error stage, but it's been predicted that there will be less people slipping on the red brick.

6 of The Most F*cked Up Things to Happen at UD

Where would we be without these extremely fucked up occurrences? Probably on better career paths. No matter—here's some crazy shit that happened at UD.

Things UD Students Are Excited to Come Back to This Spring

It’s great to be back at good ole’ UD after a two-month long hiatus. While vegging out at home can be relaxing at first, it can get old after a while.

Top 10 Other Places To Sit When Trabant Is Full

Here are some alternative places to sit when you just can’t seem to find a good place to rest your buns anywhere in Trabant.

Top 8 Things To Do To Fit In at UD

Do you ever notice that everyone at UD looks like a carbon copy of one other? The Black Sheephas come up with 8 ways for you to do exactly that in no time!

Bartender of The Week: The Greene Turtle’s Morgan

Meet the University of Delaware's bartender of the week, Morgan! from the Greene Turtle. Learn about her favorite drinks, conspiracy theories, and holes.