Theodore Karabet

Theodore Karabet

Chief Campus Editor

UNC Charlotte
200 Girls at UNCC Have “Sugar Daddies”: Here’s How to Find Yours

According to a recent report, sugar daddies are the latest trend at UNC Charlotte, so why not jump on the bandwagon to find your tuition-paying ~daddy~?

High/Lowlights from the UNCC Class of 2021 Facebook Page

Let’s look at some of the rosy faces that you graciously provided us on your “Class of 2021” Facebook page. If we chose you as tribute, consider it an honor.

5 Ways to Show Your Glowing Niner Pride Over Spring Break

When you're heading out on spring break next week, make sure to show your Niner pride to all the other drunken college students you go to a commuter school.

The Best Places to Fart at UNCC (Because It Already Smells Like Farts)

When you have to let one rip on campus, take our word for the best place to gift the Niner Nation with your air bagels, booty blasts, or cheek squeakers.

How to Slay the UNCC Career Fair This Week

Whether it's your first or (hopefully) last career fair, god knows you need all the tips you can get to land that job and get out of UNCC.

Weird UNCC: Stuff We Found in the Denny Reconstruction

The Denny building has been a brief home to the many undecided students at UNCC, but with renovations at hand, what's left inside?

The Definitive Timeline of Life at UNCC

You probably remember the day your existential crisis began. Here’s a timeline of your past, present, and future at our “back-up” university.

The 5 People You’ll Meet in UNCC’s Saturday Classes

If you're in the depressing percentage of the population that has to take Saturday classes, you're definitely going to recognize these types of students.

What Does Your UNCC Org Pick Say About You?

There's a good chance you've taken up an ~extracurricular~ activity at UNCC, but did you ever wonder what your org pick says about you?

5 Spring Semester Fails of UNCC Freshmen

We're all dragging our feet the first week back into UNCC, but freshmen are having a particularly hard time. One semester down, a millennia to go.