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Thomas Anderson

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The 2017 Western Michigan University Food Bracket: Round 2

We collected hundreds of votes, but after the fray only 4 drunk spots made it onto the next round. Upsets were abound, and it only gets crazier from here.

The 2017 Western Michigan Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

For the next 3 weeks, The Black Sheep will be hosting a poll to decide who comes out on top in the various matchups until a winner is decided.

Group of Straight Broncos Totally Jazzed for Chick-fil-A Campout

After waiting patiently for years, students at WMU can finally feast on delicious family-value supporting chicken right here in the Kalamazoo area. Chick-fil-A opened this past week on South Westnedge in Portage, MI. Several students camped out outside the restaurant with the promise that the first customers would receive free chicken.“My bros and I camped […]

Sweetwater’s Becomes 24-Hour Spring Break Resort

Tuition prices keep going up for students at Western, and trips to places like Cancun and New York City aren’t getting any cheaper. To combat the economic troubles facing college students everywhere, some WMU students have brought the resort destination here to Kalamazoo, making Sweetwater’s their home for the next week. “It just makes perfect […]

7 Places to Celebrate Global Warming on Western’s Campus

Welcome to 2017, where according to the President of the United States, humans no longer contribute to rising global temperatures worldwide! Now that hardworking Americans have been absolved of blame regarding the melting of the polar ice caps, Broncos on campus should celebrate at these 7 places on campus to rub this great weather in faces […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins WMU Basketball Team Just In Time for March Madness

With college basketball approaching tournament season, and WMU currently sitting with a record of 9-15, extreme measures are needed to pull Western into March Madness contention. With this in mind, WMU Head Basketball coach Steve Hawkins saw fit to extend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar an invitation to walk on the Broncos squad for the remainder of the […]

7 Best Places to Attract a Date in the Bernhard Center

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many Broncos are still without a date for this special day. But with such a big campus, it can be hard to figure out where to find that special someone. As always, we’ve got you covered at The Black Sheep. Given it’s one of the most commonly traversed buildings on […]

8 Things That Probably Outbid the Alamo Drafthouse

  Kalamazoo has received the soul-crushing news of the Alamo Drafthouse’s departure from its current residence at 180 Portage Street. Apparently not enough people wanted to eat mediocre pizza while watching Split for the eighth time. Regardless, soon newcomers will take over the facility. No potential bidders have been named, but that hasn’t stopped The Black […]

An Open Letter From a Bike Chained to The Fence By Rood Hall

Dear Rider,You may have forgotten me. It’s okay if you have, I’m used to the neglect by now. But I haven’t forgotten you.Remember me? I was a gift from your parents 6 birthdays ago. They may have gotten me on sale from the JCPenney on Westnedge, but the way your eyes lit up when you […]

8 Interesting Ways to Eat at WMU’s new Qdoba

A new Qdoba just opened up on Drake across from Costco, because one here in town just wasn’t enough for Kalamazoo. Even though everyone knows how to chow down on a burrito, in celebration of this incredible achievement for the city of Kalamazoo, here are some new ways to spice up the dining experience.8.) Order […]