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Thomas Anderson

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12 Things to Get Your Grubby Hands on Before You Leave

The spring semester at WMU is heading into its final month, leaving students residing in dorms to prepare for their inevitable eviction. While the onset of summer may force students to leave Western, there’s no reason Broncos can’t take some pieces of WMU with them when they go. Here are 12 things you should get […]

Kalamazoo Police Search for Student’s Desire to Take Com 1000 Final

After attempting to resolve the matter on his own, WMU freshman Bobby Knight filed a missing person report for his desire to take his Com 1000 final.“I’m not sure exactly when I lost it,” said Knight, an education major. “I last saw it during House Crawl somewhere between the Drake Party Center and Fratville. It […]

Western Michigan Dorm Dating Profiles

It’s spring here at Western Michigan University, and love is in the air! With so many Broncos saddling up together, it’s easy to forget that there are many who don’t have that special someone in their life. Now we know what you’re thinking, but we’re not talking about students. We’re talking about the dorms! They […]

6 Ways to Get a Subleaser in Kalamazoo this Summer

Oh, you’re getting out of Kalamazoo for the summer? Golly wouldn’t it be so, SO great if you could get someone to take over your little ole lease? We didn’t see you down there, you must have been buried underneath literally every other person begging for the same thing on our Facebook wall. If you […]

The 2017 Western Michigan University Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Two Fellas

    At long last, Western has wrapped up another Drunk Food Bracket. Was the result really ever in doubt? Just as everyone expected, Two Fellas has come out on top as drunk food of champions   Despite Two Fellas seminal place in Kalamazoo’s drunk history, it’s important to remember the streak it went on […]

The Western Michigan University Drunk Food Bracket: The Finals

Some of you might have been salty over Big Burrito’s close loss in the first round, but that’s March Madness!

The 2017 Western Michigan University Food Bracket: Round 2

We collected hundreds of votes, but after the fray only 4 drunk spots made it onto the next round. Upsets were abound, and it only gets crazier from here.

The 2017 Western Michigan Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

For the next 3 weeks, The Black Sheep will be hosting a poll to decide who comes out on top in the various matchups until a winner is decided.

Group of Straight Broncos Totally Jazzed for Chick-fil-A Campout

After waiting patiently for years, students at WMU can finally feast on delicious family-value supporting chicken right here in the Kalamazoo area. Chick-fil-A opened this past week on South Westnedge in Portage, MI. Several students camped out outside the restaurant with the promise that the first customers would receive free chicken.“My bros and I camped […]

Sweetwater’s Becomes 24-Hour Spring Break Resort

Tuition prices keep going up for students at Western, and trips to places like Cancun and New York City aren’t getting any cheaper. To combat the economic troubles facing college students everywhere, some WMU students have brought the resort destination here to Kalamazoo, making Sweetwater’s their home for the next week. “It just makes perfect […]