Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Bartender of the Week: The Grotto’s Wyatt

Name: Wyatt Grahn Twitter Handle: @wyattgrahn Bar: The Grotto Relationship Status: Taken Major: Advertising Favorite Drink: Vodka Redbull Favorite Shot: Jaeger Disgusting Drink: Natty DaddysWhat is The Grotto’s New Year’s Resolution?: Make some funkier drinks for people to enjoy.What fictional character is The Grotto most like? Why?: Gandalf from Lord of The Rings, it’s always […]

Dunn Plans His Final Raise, Will Prevent Snow Days at WMU Forever

On December 20th, the WMU Board of Directors held their annual State of the University Meetings, and as in years past, saw fit to give President Dunn a raise. In other years past, President Dunn found it necessary to give back the money to the university, albeit in a more unusual way. “This year I […]

Bartender of the Week: Fifth Avenue’s Brittany

Name: Brittany Papineau Bar: Fifth Avenue Relationship Status: Taken Major: That’s a mystery right now Favorite Drink: Whisky, or bourbon on the rocks Favorite Shot: Rumpleminze Disgusting Drink: Anything super sweet and fruity, like Sex on the BeachWhat would you serve someone who just failed their finals?: A shot of 151 and a beer.What would […]

Do’s and Don’t’s: Bronco Top Tips to Showing up Drunk to your Final Exam

It’s a stressful time of year for students across the country, including us Broncos at Western. With a MAC Championship in the bag, a Cotton Bowl coming up, and a hockey shootout victory against St. Cloud on Saturday, one almost forgets exams are just around the corner. Luckily, The Black Sheep is here to remind […]

7 Other Teams that are Undefeated at WMU

With the win at Waldo Stadium over 9-3 Toledo, Western Michigan University Football just capped off its first undefeated regular season in school history. It’s truly a great day to be a Bronco. As exciting as it is becoming the potential MAC Championship winners, football isn’t the only sport we play here at WMU. It’s […]

8 Ways to Cope with Missing the Final Home Game

It’s been a great season as WMU Football continues to make history with their first 11-0 record in school history. Unfortunately the final home game against Toledo falls on Black Friday, which means many Broncos will be out of town on game day. Not to worry though, there are still several ways to Row the […]

5 of the Saddest Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Alone at WMU [GIFs Inside]

While many students this Thanksgiving break will be heading back to their hometowns to see their families, some will undoubtedly remain here in the city of Kalamazoo. But being alone doesn’t have to mean anyone has to miss a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some places to keep students in the holiday spirit while they […]

Questions Your Weird WMU Alumnus Uncle Will Ask You At Thanksgiving

As Western inches closer and closer to Thanksgiving Break, students will be heading back to their family hometowns, for some it’s the first time since school started this fall. Unfortunately, this also means that some Broncos have that one weird Uncle who just happens to be an alumnus wanting to go on and on about […]

WMU Students React to Last Night’s Big News

As many Broncos already aware, November 8th, 2016 was an incredibly eventful night not just for Western Michigan University, but the nation. Several students gave The Black Sheep opinion on the results. “Last night could have gone so many ways, but eventually, it became clear that there were two directions that could be taken,” sophomore […]

6 People and Things That Deserve Statues at WMU

Western Michigan University has so many interesting statues: The Skygrinder, the dude by the Chemistry Building, those kids by the library are just a few. But some other stuff deserves to have their presence enshrined in bronze and gold as well. Here are 6 people and things that deserve statues at WMU:6.) Your roommate Joe: […]