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Tina Poehler

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Illinois State University
Top 10 Things to Do On Your Last Night at ISU

After four years at ISU, you’d think you would've done it all. Think again, because we have come up with the ultimate list of things to do your last night.

Illinois State Senior Reportedly Feels “All Better” After Leaving University Scathing Yelp Review

Senior Erik Hendrix reportedly felt "all better about...this fucking school" after leaving Illinois State a scathing Yelp review.

QUIZ: Are You REALLY From Chicago or Just a Suburban Liar?

Approximately 87% of the ISU students you meet from "Chicago" are actually from the burbs. So, here's a quiz to see who's actually from the Windy City.

7 Reasons Dartying at The Lodge Is Actually Like Sinking on the Titanic

What’s the difference between The Lodge on a hot Saturday and the Titanic when it hit an iceberg? Literally nothing.

QUIZ: Are You A REAL Redbird Or Just UIUC Trash?

If you ain't a Redbird, you a dead bird. Or maybe just UIUC trash. Take this quiz to find out where your true allegiances lie!

ISU Student Takes Swim Lessons in Preparation for Walk to Class

Senior Rachel Connors signed up for swim lessons at the local YMCA in preparation for her inevitably "wet as shit" walk to campus this morning.

ISU Business Major Still Cocky As F*ck About Job Offer

Months after posting a paragraph-long Facebook status about a job offer he received, marketing major Michael Thompson is still cocky as fuck about it.

When Is It OK to Bang an ISU RA?

Is it okay to bang your RA? We’ve gathered a few of our top experts to debate when it's acceptable to get frisky with your favorite housing staff member.

Venn Diagram: Being An ISU Student V. Spending Spring Break In South Padre

Every Redbird has a friend who goes somewhere fun and expensive for spring break. Every Redbird also has a friend that’s poor as shit and stays in Normal.

QUIZ: How Should You Break Up With Your Significant Other Before Spring Break?

Being young, wild, and free is hard when you’re young, wild, and tied down. So, before spring break, it’s probably best to get rid of that extra weight.