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Tyler Sterling

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Florida State University
QUIZ: Are You a True ‘Nole or a Dirty Gator?

More important than your precious major, is whether you’re a Seminole or a Gator. Do you belong to the Kingdom of Tallanasty or the Empire of Swamp-Ass?

Tutoring Zone Caught Selling Blackmail Nudes of Professors

Earlier this week, Tutoring Zone was finally caught selling professor nudes that were used for blackmail to guarantee better grades for students.

7 Most Depressing Places in Tally to Eat an Egg Salad Sandwich

Few things go together as well as an egg salad sandwich and crippling depression. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most depressing locations...

2018 Tuition to Rise to Pay for Ball Pit in Doak

ord has it that Doak Campbell Stadium will be creating a brand new ball pit for the Champions Club. Tuition will be increased to finance this new addition

QUIZ: Which Tallahassee Bar Are You?

You can tell a lot about a person by where they go to get drunk. Location is very important to the type of night you’re going to have.

7 Ways to Sober Up on FSU Campus

Congratulations, you’re drunk! But, you have to be a real person for class, so finding a way to sober up is a necessity. If you carefully follow...

8 FSU Pick Up Lines to Land You the Perfect Tallanasty Valentine

Tis the season for sappy love letters and secretly going to see 50 Shades Darker surrounded by other lonely souls. It’s no secret that FSU has a beautiful..

Featured Blackboard Student Attacks Paparazzi Outside Campus Chili’s

Joseph Brown, Blackboard’s newest featured student who “takes government experience to the White House”, attacked a paparazzi cameraman this morning...

Students Learn Professor’s Name in Time to Turn in Late Assignments

It’s that time of year when emails start flooding professor’s inboxes from students that haven’t been in class since syllabus week.

Third Salley Hall Fire Attributed to Hot Dorm Sex

Late last night, Tallahassee Fire Department received a frantic call about a fire started by hot dorm sex on the third floor of Salley Hall...