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Vanessa Nunez

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UC Riverside
The Top 5 Drunk Foods of San Bernardino, California

You're doing nothing of importance with a group of your pals drinking yourselves silly. Here's all the food you wouldn’t dare eat sober in San Bernardino.

5 Steps to Preparing for Summer Classes at UCR

With finals conquered, UCR students should be celebrating. Unfortunately, many are finding themselves in a panic as they prepare for summer school.

The 6 People You Encounter During Summer at UCR

With summer vacation right around the corner, you will notice that everyone around you, including yourself, is slowly becoming a completely new person as their summer persona begins to make a grand appearance as they are ready to dump the last of their finals on their professors’ desks and take off for a grand adventure. […]

5 Terrible Grad Photo Locations at UCR

With graduation right around the corner, UCR has been plentiful of photogenic graduates getting their photoshoots done around campus to commemorate their life on campus. But with only a few places to truly capture the image of UCR, it has become challenging to be creative in finding photoshoot locations and still be able to maintain […]

5 Ways to Be An A**hole at UCR: Part 2

Final exams and projects are soon to claim the lives of college students and what better way to end the year (and give our fellow students and staff a goodbye) than by reminding them that we are the worst. Here are another set of five things you can do to be an asshole at UCR. […]

Top 4 Ways To Avoid Other Humans At UCR

For an introvert, day-to-day life at a university can be hell — especially when you find yourself in situations that constantly require you to peek your head out of your turtle shell and interact with other human beings. Going out of your way to avoid any form of human interaction is just too much work, […]

Top 6 Reasons to Sue UCR

With the quarter almost coming to an end, many of you are probably trying to figure out how to get out of doing any more work while still getting some money in the process. This list is sure to provide some perspective on how to drop all your schooling and make some money without the […]

Top 5 Easiest Classes at UCR

When not taking a lower or upper division class for your major, you’re fulfilling UCR’s breadth requirement — classes that are supposed to “expose” you to your fellow Highlanders of various majors; it’d just be too easy for them to simply ask you to do your major requirements with no extra expectations. Well, this list […]

The 5 Types of People You See at UCR

Wandering around UCR, it isn’t the obvious knowledge of the diversity on campus that will catch your attention, but the different groups or similar types of people you come across everywhere. Although these people are not your typical high school groupies, they are definitely dedicated to their causes, making every day on campus a familiar […]

The Top 6 Places to Catch Newly Released Pokémon at UCR

With the recently released 2nd Generation of Pokémon, there are now a much bigger variety of Pokémon around UCR aside from the hundreds of Rattatas and Pidgeys, making it the perfect place to capture Pokemon by yourself or with a group. With the help of your fellow Pokémon trainers here at The Black Sheep, it was […]