Vanessa Nunez

Vanessa Nunez

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UC Riverside
The Top 6 Places to Catch Newly Released Pokémon at UCR

With the recently released 2nd Generation of Pokémon, there are now a much bigger variety of Pokémon around UCR aside from the hundreds of Rattatas and Pidgeys, making it the perfect place to capture Pokemon by yourself or with a group. With the help of your fellow Pokémon trainers here at The Black Sheep, it was […]

UCR Majors Renamed To Fit What They Actually Are

Known for being such a diverse university, it is of no surprise that with that title there’s also a vast variety of majors offered here at the University of Riverside, California. It’s hard to see or notice what goes on in these majors, but with some observation and a lot of anonymous tips, your friendly UCR […]

5 Easy Steps to Being The Worst Person at UCR

Wish to learn from the best how to be the worst toward the UCR staff and community but have no clue how to go about it?

UCR Student Runs into Professor at Coffee Bean While Skipping Class

To add to the moment, the professor at fault for causing Francesca to get into such a panic, noticed the choking student and immediately ran to help her, unaware of how the student freaked out more at the sight of her nearing than choking to death.