William Hoffman

William Hoffman

Forgotten Swankie Frankie Hot Dog Recovered from Zephyr Print Shop

Iowa City hot dog joint Swanky Frankie was recently replaced by a Zephyr, and faded from memory. That is, until the recent discovery of a forgotten hot dog.

UIowa Sophomore Drunkenly Sends “Hey… u up??” Email to Professor

After a night at the Union Bar, UIowa sophomore Tyler Mussehl drunkenly emailed his international relations professor with the subject line “Hey… u up?”.

5 Ways to Dodge the Flier People Near the Pentacrest

Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, pasty thighs are exposed, and Hawkeyes are strategically avoiding people handing out pamphlets near the Pentacrest.

BREAKING: UIowa Students Remember They Only Have 5 Weeks of Classes Left

The University of Iowa has officially reached the point of the school year where every student begins to collectively panic.

2017 Iowa City Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Marco’s

    It’s done, it’s finished, the champion has shown itself, and its name is Marco’s. The undisputed king of drunk food specializes in cheese. It was a long and difficult road. But Marco’s managed to come out on top. In the first round the hometown hero took on Pita Pit and and wiped the […]

The Iowa City Drunk Food Bracket: Final Rounds

The finals are set, and now the only thing left to do is vote for whoever will be crowned champion of drunk food.

The 2017 University of Iowa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

The first round featured unsurprising blowouts, and shocking nail biters. Truly, this is the only event in March that matters.

2017 Iowa City Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

In the spirit of March Madness, we at The Black Sheep have created a bracket to try and determine the best drunk food in Iowa City.

5 Ways to Convince Your Mayflower RA You’re Not Totally Wasted

The only thing that stands between you and your bed is a Mayflower RA, who surprisingly has nothing else better to do than accuse you of being wasted.

QUIZ: Which Iowa City Bar are You Based on Your Drunken Adventures?

“If I was a bar in Iowa City, which bar would I be?” With this completely accurate and totally scientific quiz, we can answer that burning question.