William Hoffman

William Hoffman

Angry Iowa Student Wears Khaki Shorts To Class In Defiance Of Mother Nature

Courageous Iowa freshman has vowed to only wear shorts and t-shirts for the remainder of winter in an unprecedented act of defiance against mother nature.

Iowa City Buildings Renamed after Your Fav Harry Potter Characters

When trying to compare reading Harry Potter to any other activity, we at The Black Sheep report it’s most synonymous with smoking crack.

6 Ways Hawkeyes Can Battle The Post Thanksgiving Blues

You've just returned from a week-long vacation where you drank enough alcohol to kill a small horse, or keep the midterm grades depression at bay.

Panchero’s Burrito Describes Traumatizing Night With Drunk Iowa Student

Local Clinton street Panchero’s burrito was interviewed by The Black Sheep in order to raise awareness about the dangers, and hardships of being a burrito.

Kirk Ferentz and Jim Harbaugh Engage In Pre-Game 3-Hour-Long Staring Contest

Prior to Saturday’s game, Kirk Ferentz and Jim Harbaugh were reportedly seen staring at each other without blinking for three hours at a local Iowa City Carlos O’Kellys. The two head coaches sat down in a booth at precisely 6:38 p.m. and didn’t leave until 9:57 p.m. They were observed being very chipper and talkative […]

Iowa Students Baffled that Man Who was Star in WrestleMania 23 Wins Presidency

Yes, it's true. The new President of the United States was once on WWE, and the University of Iowa is not amused.

Iowa City Cubs Fans Totally Not Bandwagoning

“If you aren’t from Iowa city, you’re not a real Cubs fan.” A local student was seen screaming this phrase on top of Union’s rooftop while wearing an over-sized Kris Bryant jersey and festive Timberland boots. Ever since the Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series, an influx of fans have taken over the […]

5 Mind-Blowing Changes Bruce Harreld Would Pass As President of The United States

Bruce Harreld, the current President at the University of Iowa, has been met with disdain and disapproval since he got the job back in 2015. Ask almost anyone on campus their opinions on the man and most will respond with “He’s the worst,” with a possible “Who is that?” Here at The Black Sheep decided […]

New Football Stadium Upgrades Definitely Going to Make Iowa Good Again

The University of Iowa has proposed a $90 million Kinnick Stadium renovation project that will, for sure, make the Hawkeyes good at football again. Renovations would replace existing general admission seating with upper and lower general admission seating bowls. University of Iowa Regents will discuss the plan and if approved, the university hopes for project […]

7 Pieces of Advice Only Iowa Students Should Know

The University of Iowa is a sanctuary for scholars and alcoholics alike. Each day dawns with the promise of new adventures and misadventures. Everyone has their own strategy in place in order to survive each school year. The Black Sheep is here to guide you through your adventure. These pieces of advice are crucial for every […]