William Hoffman

William Hoffman

The Iowa City Drunk Food Bracket: Final Rounds

The finals are set, and now the only thing left to do is vote for whoever will be crowned champion of drunk food.

The 2017 University of Iowa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

The first round featured unsurprising blowouts, and shocking nail biters. Truly, this is the only event in March that matters.

2017 Iowa City Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

In the spirit of March Madness, we at The Black Sheep have created a bracket to try and determine the best drunk food in Iowa City.

5 Ways to Convince Your Mayflower RA You’re Not Totally Wasted

The only thing that stands between you and your bed is a Mayflower RA, who surprisingly has nothing else better to do than accuse you of being wasted.

QUIZ: Which Iowa City Bar are You Based on Your Drunken Adventures?

“If I was a bar in Iowa City, which bar would I be?” With this completely accurate and totally scientific quiz, we can answer that burning question.

Man Reserves Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner at Local Iowa City Buffalo Wild Wings 

Chivalry is alive and well. Local hero, Ryan Olberding, reserved a table at Buffalo Wild Wings for Valentine’s Day.

A Definitive Timeline of a Typical UIowa Student’s Life

The four years we spend in college can go by pretty quickly, and thanks to all of the binge drinking it can be hard to remember everything that happened.

How To Make Your UIowa Professor Remember Your Name

It’s the 2nd week of class, and your teacher just called you "Betsy", even though your name is Jen. We’ve all been there before.

Angry Iowa Student Wears Khaki Shorts To Class In Defiance Of Mother Nature

Courageous Iowa freshman has vowed to only wear shorts and t-shirts for the remainder of winter in an unprecedented act of defiance against mother nature.

Iowa City Buildings Renamed after Your Fav Harry Potter Characters

When trying to compare reading Harry Potter to any other activity, we at The Black Sheep report it’s most synonymous with smoking crack.