Zoe Hillis

Zoe Hillis

7 of the Best Walk of Shame Routes at LSU

Ever woken up from a night full of liquor and regret to laying a stranger’s bed, desperately wanting to get home as quickly as possible? The Black Sheep has mapped out the most efficient paths across LSU’s campus to make your morning after’s easier.

Top 17 Weirdest Things We Found Written in Middleton Cubicles

Thank you Middleton for being our canvas

LSU Majors Renamed as What They Actually Are

Every college around the world has essentially the same basic selection of majors. And with these majors comes a certain reputation or a certain type of person, and sometimes we wish we could just cut the shit and call them what they are.

5 Ways to Welcome Kesha Like a Real GD Tiger

As you may know, LSU’s Groovin’ on the Grounds of 2017 features Kesha, a world famous musician and definitely not disgusted by LSU. Kesha deserves an intensely impressive welcome from LSU for even stepping foot on our campus. Here are a just a few ways to accomplish that:

If LSU Buildings Were Deadly Diseases

LSU has a unique environment that lends itself to a plethora of bacteria – it’s moist, dirty, and just generally confusing.

5 Places to Park When You Can’t Find Parking at LSU

If you live far enough away from campus that you have to drive to class, you’ve experienced the hell that is finding parking at LSU. You either have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, or sleep in and risk parking in BFE and hiking to class.

7 Ways to Get Back at Your Piece of Sh*t Roommate at LSU

Hopefully these suggestions simply put your roommate into their place, as opposed to leading to their psychological unraveling.

7 Most F*cked Up Things to Happen to LSU

Every college has got their own f*cked up past, LSU included. Some things, however, are more tragic than others and make your butthole pucker just a little harder.

5 Things at LSU You Should Be Doing Instead of Studying Right Now

Grabbing a coffee or sitting in the quad don’t always sound very enticing, so The Black Sheep has cooked up a list of acceptable ways to waste time.

The Definitive Timeline of a Typical LSU Student’s Life

College is a significant time in a person’s life, and at LSU each student has their own experiences and challenges along the way. However, basically everyone is predictable as fuck and their time at LSU can be broken down into a pretty simple timeline, shown below. Way to be basic, Tigers. How pretty much everyone […]