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5 of the Most Confusing Places at BU

Do you have no idea where you’re going or where anything is? That’s alright; we’ve all been that freshman or new transfer student before. However, there are just some places that feel like mazes no matter how long you’ve been here. We’ve gathered 5 of them here for you:

5.) Bartle Undergrounds:

Bartle itself can feel overwhelming with all the bookshelves, but its lowest floor is something else. Seriously, this place might as well have been designed to be a maze. There are literal square loops and dead ends all over the place. Even the map of the floor looks confusing as heck. The wallpaper’s general sameness all over doesn’t help distinguish anything; the doors serve as one’s main clue. On the bright side, it’s a really good setting for a Scooby-Doo style chase scene.

4.) Hillside:

As one of the apartment communities, you’d be a little hard-pressed to find freshmen wandering around here, especially since it’s an infamously far walk up there. That doesn’t change the fact that most of the buildings here look the same, though. The rectangular layout doesn’t help either. Rockland and Saratoga do stand out a lot, looming over the tiny brick homes of everyone else, but why do they look like industrial power plants?

3.) Lecture Hall to Academic B Underground Complex:

It’s not as complicated as the others, but the downstairs of the Lecture Hall is strange. The lack of polishing aside, there’s a whole bunch of odd corners if you don’t know where you’re going. At least the transition from the Lecture Hall to the Student Wing is abrupt and now painfully obvious with the fancy new look. Going all the way from the Lecture Hall to Academic B is kind of winding and if you get lost, the halls tend to look the same.

2.) Engineering Building:

For something built specifically for the more mathematically inclined folks, the Engineering Building sure is an engineering disaster. Why is there a giant spiraling staircase right in the middle? You can also enter the building on the ground floor one way, go down or up the stairs, and exit at the opposite side of the building…also on the ground floor? People who might as well live in the building, like CS majors, say it’s actually pretty simple to navigate, but they may just be crazy.

1.) Fine Arts:

Of course Fine Arts has to be on this list. It’s so unnecessarily complicated to get anywhere in there. Why do only some staircases go to the third floor? When does it become the Anderson Center? Someone could totally write a creepypasta on that one staircase that leads only to a classroom.  Don’t even get us started on the lowest floor. We hear that no one has attributed their name to this building. Wise move; we wouldn’t want to either.

Disclaimer: The more used to these places you get, the easier it is to navigate them. Still, BU could have had them built better.


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