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What Your Binghamton Study Spot Says About You

Some people are very particular about where they study and other people are content to open their books wherever they can…that is, if anyone manages to study at all. Nevertheless, it’s important to find a place on campus where you can at least attempt to clear your mind and concentrate on that incredibly boring and heavy textbook. Here are some places on campus that’ll work for different focusing needs:

6.) Hinman Starbucks:

You need an atmosphere that’s not exactly quiet, but very relaxed and slow. Unfortunately, the rushed pitter patter of students passing through to the C-Store or the dining hall upstairs detracts from it a bit. A real Starbucks would be calmer and superior to one run by Sodexo, but its campus location means it’s simply easier to get to if you don’t have the luxury of a car.

5.) Bartle:

You need as much quiet as humanly possible on a college campus full of drunkards. No one’s allowed to talk and silence is golden for you because your concentration will snap like an exhausted ukulele string as soon as some noise diverts your attention away from the rote memorization. Being open 24 hours during the school week is another plus for every night owl.

4.) Marketplace:

You clearly like commotion. Background noise is perfect for drowning out any distractions that your devilish mind may conjure, aside from the ever tempting smells and presence of food not made by Sodexo. The feeling of being alone in a crowd may be a cliché of sorts, but it’s a pleasing one for you.

3.) Your Dorm Room:

You value your privacy above all else! You may be able to hear everything your floormates are doing to avoid studying thanks to every building’s paper thin walls, but at least no one except your roommates will enter your private bubble.

2.) Science Library:

You fit the description for Bartle, only you have a greater need for quiet and space. You’re clearly also more dedicated to your academic work since less people bother to travel all the way down to the Science buildings complex for study space. The downside is that they enjoy closing at 5 p.m and then your efforts to be there feel wasted.

1.) Your Dorm’s Designated Study Space:

You’re more flexible than most about what kind of environment you study in, but maybe that also makes you less motivated to go anywhere for it. Your room has too many distractions, but leaving your building would be too much walking. That’s all right, though; you’re fine under most conditions…except maybe people using the space as a socializing lounge.

No matter where you decide to study or what kind of environment you work best in, just remember that your ultimate goal is simply not to flunk out of school. If all else fails, you could always try to illegally procure Adderall.


If you’re saying you’ve never experienced DADs, well, you’re lying:


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