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Booze Before Noon – Episode 2: Big Dogs Gotta Eat

Welcome to Booze Before Noon: The Black Sheep Podcast. If you’re looking for a podcast that will enlighten you on the latest advancements in neurology, or critical analysis of underdeveloped characters in Westworld, you’ve come to the wrong place.

 If you’re looking for a place to tune in/out to The Black Sheep editors take shots of terrible alcohol before noon and give insipid details of their virginity-laden upbringings, this is for you. Subscribe on iTunes here!


In this episode of Booze Before Noon, Brendan and the Milky Bois pair Malort with some “Watermelon” malt liquor (:52), then eat some peppers (pics below) and talk about Gen Ed requirements while Mike drinks an uncomfortable amount of milk (8:30). Next they try to find meaning in the lyrics of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” (16:13) before playing Two Truths and a Lie and find out that Mike didn’t know how to pee in a urinal before high school (19:53).



Finally, they give 0 Star reviews to stupid things (29:01), and finish it off with some stories of Great Feats of Drunkenness — great accomplishments they’ve achieved whilst drunk (33:50). We’d like to thank our sponsor, Butt Hats.

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