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PODCAST: Welcome to the Inaugural Episode of Booze Before Noon

Tired of listening to everyone always having an opinion or take on literally everything? Want to just listen to our editors chat about their embarrassing childhoods and drink the world’s worst alcohol before noon? Give The Black Sheep‘s podcast, Booze Before Noon a listen on your way back to campus/as you hide from your family on Thanksgiving. 

(You can also download and listen in the Podcast app here.)


In today’s podcast, Brendan and the Spicy Bois (:41) take shots of Malort and White Rose bum wine and decide which is worst in the Malort Minute, then (5:02) they share their most embarrassing moments on the athletic field growing up in Feats of “Athleticism.”

(13:38) Hot Takes: Since we hate the trend of people giving purposefully-contrarian opinions and call it a “hot takes,” Brendan and Mike take shots of Slap Ya’ Mama hot sauce and give their hot takes on Westworld.

Then (24:00) the three play Two Truths and a Lie, when Quinn talks about the time he almost got kidnapped.

(31:30) They play Good Dog or Bad Boy — a game where Brendan reads certain situations and Mike and Quinn decide whether they’d be more impressed by their dog for doing it (good dog) or pissed at their friend (bad boy).

Then (36:50) Black Friday or Black Movies, where Brendan and Mike test each other’s expert knowledge of Tyler Perry movies.

And finally, (40:50) Mike wraps it up with a Fart That Tune.

Do you have an embarrasing story, brush with fame, or something else you want the guys to read and discuss on next week’s podcast? Send us an anonymous message here, email us here: [email protected], or DM literally any of The Black Sheep‘s Twitter accounts.  

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