Booze Before Noon: Facebook Live Edition

author-pic at Booze Before Noon: The Podcast  

This week on Booze Before Noon: The Black Sheep Podcast – Brendan and and the Holidaze Bois do it Facebook Live Style and freeball it but not literally get your mind out of the gutter.

At :34 Mike recounts his findings on if thunder is different that lightning (?), at 2:31 they shoot Malort and then chomp habañeros which almost kill them (7:36). Mike then asks about peeing and pooping and we talk to a writer’s mom about the subject (14:40).

22 minutes in Mike freestyle raps, before doing some pushups and talking about KABLAM (34:50).

Brendan then quizzes Mike on geography, which he is hilariously/depressingly terrible at (36:20). Finally, everyone wraps it up with a weird question from a Facebook commenter. Enjoy! Subscribe on Itunes here:…d1179430318?mt=2 and watch the video version of this podcast here!