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Booze Before Noon

Booze Before Noon Episode 10: Big Brainy Bois

This week on Booze Before Noon – The Black Sheep’s podcast – Mike and Brendan kick things off by comparing podcast favorite Malort to bum favorite Wild Irish Rose wine (:54). Then, we celebrate Trump’s America by adding another white man to the room (6:20), and quickly transition to the law stating it is legal to watch porn in Chicago public libraries (9:00). 



Mike and Brendan then eat a Top 3 Hottest Pepper of All (Podcast) Time and give their Hot Takes on the Patriots (Mike loves Tom Brady’s abs and beautiful family).



“Good luck Daddy” ❤️❤️❤️

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Finally, we introduce a new segment, Y’all Gonna Learn Today, where Brendan teaches us the science behind why different alcohols give you different drunks (21:30). Thanks for listening, and subscribe on iTunes! 


WATCH: This is definitely the conversation before Trump sent his idiotic Chicago tweet:


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