Booze Before Noon Episode 11: Bois of Wealth and Taste

author-pic at Booze Before Noon: The Podcast  

Today on Booze Before Noon – The Black Sheep Podcast – Brendan and the Bois of Wealth and Taste kick things off with the Malort Minute, this week going up against cans of sparkling wine (1:16). Then, find out why Mike says “Bill Nye low key thick” at 10:21. For HOT TAKES, Mike and Brendan argue the merits of men who wear sports jerseys (13:17).

Brendan then tells the story of a time he got his chest waxed in front of an entire bar (19:45) before learning Mike on the subject of hangovers getting worse with age in Y’all Gonna Learn Today (22:40). Mike gives his reasoning for calling bullshit on the Bible (39:59), and things start to unravel when Mike bares his chest for everyone to see his single chest hair (43:14).