Booze Before Noon Episode 36: BattleBots and Summer Intern Emily from UIUC

author-pic at Booze Before Noon: The Podcast  

This week on Booze Before Noon – The Black Sheep Podcast – Brendan and Mike pair UV Sriracha Vodka against Malort in the Malort Minute, Quinn tells a story of being trapped in an elevator with a mocked up erection.

Then Brendan and Mike wax poetically on BattleBots, whether Jamie and Adam f***ed their inventions, and play a rousing game of Animal Fights. Thanks to friend of the pod Jeff, who envisioned the scene these two maniacs dreamt up.

Finally, Emily — a staff writer at The Black Sheep UIUC and authentic sorority gal — comes on to quiz the three hosts on all thing sorority and whatever the youth is talking about these days. Thanks for listening, and rate us 5 stars on iTunes!…d1179430318?mt=2