Episode 25: Pancakes vs. Waffles and Morgan from UVa

author-pic at Booze Before Noon: The Podcast  

Today on Booze Before Noon — The Black Sheep’s podcast — Mike and Brendan compare sochu to Malort, which Malort wins in easy fashion as much, much worse. Then, they eat a dollop of wasabi (11:00) and debate which is better: Waffles or Pancakes?

Then we bring on The Black Sheep UVa Social Media Manager and future intern in Chicago, Morgan from University of Virginia (23:30) to talk what it’s like to transfer to a rival school (Virginia Tech to UVa), UVa’s secret societies and which dog breeds (pugs) we could do without (34:10), before Mike gives his opinions on which states “matter” (36:00).

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