Booze Before Noon Episode 7: Strange Kisses

author-pic at Booze Before Noon: The Podcast  

This week on Booze Before Noon, Brendan and the No Kissing Crew start the pod bright and early by drinking Malort in the Malort Minute (1:10) before talking about the general bingefest that is the Holiday Season. 

Then they eat some hot chips (7:45) for Hot Takes on whether NYE actually sucks or not. Then Brendan spins the Wheel of Mackenzie’s Unfortunate Events (12:50) to make her explain some of her weird many drunken mishaps, before chatting about Strange Kisses (23:30) on NYE. Finally, the three try to argue an uncommon belief that they hold dear (34:20) and talk about the Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House:

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