Booze Before Noon Episode 13: Tongue Studs

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This week on Booze Before Noon: The Black Sheep Podcast, Brendan and the Tongue Studs kick things off with a NEW brand of Malort (2:08). Mike then wonders about tongues, and if they grow back like a lizard’s tongue (6:20) and then it’s time for Hot Takes (14:30) where Mike and Brendan debate whether Beer Pong is actually the most annoying drinking game ever invented.

Finally Mike describes his dream Beer Pong game of three shirtless Tom Bradys (25:00) before we learn the intricacies of the yearly Playboy and Princeton Review College Party Rankings. Finally, Brendan and Mike debate whether they’d like to go to a party with 30 mildly drunk people, or just 6 blacked out people (40:20).