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Booze Before Noon

50 – Rad_Milk

This week on Booze Before Noon @Rad_Milk (Everett Byram) comes on to tell his story of being exploited by Steve Harvey, his love for Trader Joe’s, and why corn is the best crop. Rad_Milk tells his story about tweeting at Arby’s where it was later picked up by Steve Harvey, who laughed and laughed about Rad_Milk’s dead wife, and then wished him to drink himself to death with what would otherwise be a lethal dose of tequila. Pretty fucked up, Steve Harvey, or should we say, Stephen Harvman

Before Rad_Milk comes on, Mike and Brendan sip some Malort and attempt to introduce a new segment called Know Your Brands, which quickly goes off the rails when Mike (or someone, we’ll never know because it was edited out) goes off the rails ranting and raving about Grimace and his sexual proclivities. I mean, look, he’s a big purple guy and he can do whatever and whoever he wants. 

I, Quinn, (I’m the one writing this you little pricks), put forth my theory that all tall people want to dominate the world. Think about the last time you were at a party with someone who was abnormally tall, like Brendan size, ie let’s say 6’3″ and up. I bet he went and found another tall guy at the party and even if they didn’t know each other, just fuckin’ hammed it up didn’t they? Mike thinks it’s because tall guys can hear eachother way up there, Brendan, a tall man, knows it’s because they want to rid the world of all short people and live in a tall people utopia. Mike, correctly, argues that the world will be better with short people and inadvertently becomes Short Hitler, which would basically be Mike’s destiny in life if he wasn’t busy rebranding his Twitter. 

Mike and Brendan then place bets on who has a greater net worth, Kevin James or Adam Sandler. Mike things Kevin James has the better net worth because of things like King of Queens, seemingly forgetting that Adam Sandler has an entire fucking production company that’s made a shit load of million dollar movies. 

Anyway that’s all I can remember happening on this episode, so you’ll have to listen aND SUBSCRIBE for yourselves. Bye. 


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